SQL error on log out

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SQL error on log out

Postby Hannahmaus » Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:25 am

When I try to log out, I get this message: "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1".

At first I thought it was keeping me logged in, and that it was a fiendish plot by Ryme to make us play TH non-stop forever. :P However, when I click anything I go back to the login screen, so it is logging me out, just not telling me it is.

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Postby Olaf » Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:22 pm

I you try to log out when your php session is expired (20-something minutes of inactivity when chat isn't running, I think), it does that.
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