Welding Recipe contest - Ends Nov 30, 2009

Talk about the game. What game? The game with the power? What power? The power of ... aw, skip it.

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Re: Welding Recipe contest - Ends Nov 30, 2009

Postby AldenteVonTino » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:25 am

Thanks Doc, the clue dropped on my toe! (Sorry Cris!)
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Re: Welding Recipe contest - Ends Nov 30, 2009

Postby Ryme » Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:15 am

So first, I'm totally embarrassed by the amount of time it's taken me to getting around to giving out the promised rewards. But the suggestions were much appreciated, and obviously the items have been fun. For more than the past year. Also, there's a chance I gave out some of these at one point, and if I did and I've forgotten, so I sent them again, and the penalty is on me for being forgetful.

We had some really great suggestions in this contest. I'm realizing there are a few more I started and just never completed. Not sure if I'll get around to them at some point or not, but I make no promises. Maybe once I've gotten over the embarrassment of how long this took, I'll start to consider another contest. Contests *are* fun, and the results most definitely serve to improve the game.

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