An epic tale for epic times (2)

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An epic tale for epic times (2)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:45 am

Come my child, sit next to me, I am going to tell you a story that nobody ever told you before

Back in those times where the bravest men walked around carrying a sword on their waists, and the children ran free on the largest valleys to play; in those times where the women kept the houses standing and the meal hot for their beloved ones, and the only fear on everyones hearts was the defeat on the war; there was a village next to the mountains on the Northern Helm of Avia, in those times a boy grew up, he was a fine kid, with hairs made of gold, and eyes of the bluest sea, his parents, the governors of the village, where excellent people, helped whenever they had the chance and also sheltered those who had no home, respected and beloved among the community, they lived peacefull lifes...
One day, this kid went as ussal to play on the valley next to the village, the winter was close and so the trees left aside all of their leafs, the green grass, nevertheless, flooded the valley with life, and so did the wild animal around. Everything was like a normal day, running around chasing squirrels or running with extended arms to emulate the flight of the eagle, this kid felt there was nowhere that he'd rather be than that moment... until he saw, shile lying on the grass resting, a fire bird flying through the skies... the bird was going to his village, but something was not right, the ground started trembling like in an earthquake, so he seeks refuge inside the forest...
From afar he could see a thousand men walking toward the village, torchs lit in one hands, and sharp swords in the others. Barbarians they were, he knew they came from the distant plains of Agorah for the way they dressed, vicious warriors they were, they did not know the word "honor", and neither they knew the word "hostages"
Motivated by fear, the kid was not able to move, desperately he saw the troop entering his town, he heard the screams of the people and the war cries of the defending troops, he also saw the river next to the village taining in a dar red, and he saw his village burned to the ashes...
After a few hours he was able to recover from the shock, so he went to his village looking for any survivors... he find no one was left alive, nor the kids, nor the women... he looked for his parent's bodies but he was not able to find them, he looked on the rubble of his house, on the town square, on the church, everywhere, but he did not find them...
Tired and thirsty, he set in the middle of the town square and cryed... for the lost town, for the lost friend, for the lost family and for his cowardice, he was convinced that it was all his fault, and there was nobody there to tell him the contrary
The boy felt in deep sadness and sorrow, he went to the woods and tried to live among the peace of the trees, but the winter has cold blood, and left a wasted land where the village was in order to fill the kid with pain. Tired of seeing that unforgivable view, he went on a journey, with nothing more of the clothes he was wearing, he walked to the east, where the sun rises and where they say, the hope of redemption lies...


Walking by the days passed, autumns and springs, moons and suns. At first, when he passsed by a town the people looked at him and tried to help him, but when they saw heas not interested on anything, they left him alone... he was inmerse in a deep world far beyond the one he was traveling, so he couldn't notice the people who tried to help him... otherwise he would have said gently and polite as he was raised that he was ok even when we all know that wasn't true...
Days after days he walked towards the sun.. his skin started to look more like his bones, pale and thin... his golden hair was growing dark and dusty and his eyes had the deep blue of the Nights of the Dead, a time of great sorrow. When people started seeing that appearance stopped trying to help him... not because he was filthy, or looking sick, jus because they were thinking he was on a pilgrimage to thank or ask something to the Great Spirit of Arygon, and as the Holy Teachings said, you shan't stop a pilgrimage or else, shame and calamity shall fall upon your people...
The kid kept walking to the east... nothing on his mind but the screams of dispair of his people... he imagined the faces of his parents while they were being murder... he tortured himself with images of the looting and the massacre, all he could think about was death and all he could feel was impotence.
One day, when the horizon was close enough to be touched, and the sun and the moon could be seen togheter on the red sky, one word crossed his mind... vengeance... but how? how could he face the thousand men demon-like fierce? how would he find them? and most important of all, how was he going to face them, if he was a coward?
There was no answer for those questions... at least he thought that until The Great Spirit of Arygon send him an answer. The Great Spirit filled the kid with memories of his peaceful childhood, the delicious meal his mamma coocked, the warm house of his family, the days hunting with his father and the stories he used to tell him. The Great Spirit of Arygon guided him to a particular memory, one his father told him once, the story of a sword, a sword that the Northern Pagans thought could cut the chains that held Fenrir and unleash the Ragnarok with only thinking about it, a Sword that the Great Spirit of Arygon used when he was in this earth to free his people and defend the Holy Mantra Empire from the invaders, a sword so powerful, that even the Great Priests were not able to control it... and by that reason it was hidden and sealed by the Great Spirit of Arygon himself.
The boy smiled for the first time in long time... there was a chance to avenge his village, and even if that meant his dead, he was going to take it... all he had to do was to find a sword hidden eons ago by the creator of the universe... and impossible task you might think my child, but let me tell you.. when your life and your honor are being risked, Impossible is just a small obstacle
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Re: An epic tale for epic times (1)

Postby the SUPERnaturalist » Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:18 pm

the east.......
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