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Post by Ryme »

Technically, that post wasn't an introduction. It should be deleted!

Hi, my name's Ryme and I invented this game. And by "invented" I mean "borrowed a lot from other games I really like to try to put something together that's original enough not to get me sued."

I'm about to hit six digits (in binary); I'm married, no kids, three cats, one dog, and live in sunny Colorado, which is by far my favorite of all the states. I grew up in the midwest, but the lack of mountains drew me west about five years ago, and I couldn't be happier out here.

Despite the fact that this is a superhero themed game, I actually never spent much time with comics and graphic novels and tend to prefer the fantasy genre both for entertainment and for gaming. Heroes of Might and Magic is probably my top gaming series (with Civilization a close second and Diablo in third, closely followed by some of the RPG classics, like the SSI D&D games and Bard's Tale).

I'm an avid fan of KoL, obviously, and go by Preniqueezer and Shadowsquared over there.

When I'm not inventing computer games, I brew my own beer, play frisbee golf, hike in the Colorado mountains, and bowl in a local league. I used to be something of an aspiring fiction writer, and I've got one unpublished novel that I'm quite proud of and two rough drafts that have some potential, but these days working on Twilight seems to meet my creative outlet.

My day job involves a blend of tech support and web site programming. I like the web aspects the best, and have been making web sites professionally for a decade. My first site--the duct tape art gallery that's still visible on me briefly popular world-wide in 1997, and was really the first in a long string of random events that ought to have been too fantastic to be true, but it's amounted to an entertaining decade.

I also freelance as a copy editor, having completed nearly 50 books from Pearson Press, the folks who do the Complete Idiot's Guide series. I've done a little video work, too, editing two of the Scott Stokely Disc Golf Instructional Videos (volumes 2 and 3). Once upon a time I was first author for an e-book about darts called Dart Basics: Dart Rules, Games, and More. You'd think that would be exciting, but I don't own the rights to the book and it's only sold two or perhaps three copies, so far as I know, so it doesn't count for much.
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Post by Cristiona »

Ross wrote:closely followed by some of the RPG classics, like the SSI D&D games and Bard's Tale).
Mmm... Bard's Tale. They really need to make a fourth in the series (the PS2 one doesn't count; same guy, but just not the same). I mean, sure, you ascend to godhood and become stars, but still...

Oh shit! I posted spoilers! :P

And, hi; I'm Cristiona. I'm also pointlessly mysterious that I won't tell anything more about myself. :D

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Post by IcyFreak »


I usually go by the internet handle IcyFreak. Seeing as none of you can pronounce my real name, I won't bother to tell it.

Yes, I am confident that you won't. Maybe with the exception of the people I invited, but then they wouldn't need a forum post to tell them.
Have a nice day.

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Post by MagiNinjA »

Hey guys, I'm MagiNinjA, usually shortened to MANA. Call me whichever one you like. Or some other silly nickname out of my name like mangina.

I'm of the same name in KoL. Same clan as Ryme.

We'll start generic. I came to TH because another KoL friend of mine who mentioned it and then pointed me to Ryme. Love the art and text. The system is a nice refresh from KoL too. :)

Well, there's all you MTG people. And then there is me. Oh, and Gavisi. We play Magi-Nation Duel (where the magi in my name came from), though we haven't played each other yet (time :( ).

Right now, IRL (a real WHAT?), I'm a senior in a Californian high school at this time of writing, an odd 17 years old. I'm a huge music person. I've been playing the violin for almost 11 years now, and I'm into quite a widespan of music that's usually not mainstream (mainly electronica and breakbeat). I also like to screw around with swords in kendo. For the curious, I'm a sankyu right now. A third belt (well, "belt") from shodan aka black belt.

I'm decently stuck into programming. I have quite a few KoLmafia scripts and I know C/C++ and Java. I was one of the main programmers for our school's robotics team. Anyways, I'm being lazy in learning Ruby, but I do want to learn it.

I love contributing to projects such as these in some shape or form. People have told me that I'm waaaay too nitpicky on things sometimes. >.>

'k, this is getting long. I love being geeky also (Devant. :) ) and one of my favorite series has been the Matrix series. I like to play DnD when the chance is available. Honor, respect and morals are very important to me, for reasons unknown to myself. >.<

For more gameplay specific aspects (this'll be short I PROMISE), I tend to focus around PvP and combat mechanics a LOT, with speed runs a bit off to the side.

Yeah, I'll probably end it there. Sorry and thanks for reading. X_X I feel a bit too narcissistic for my own good. :(

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Post by TheK3vin »

I'm TheK3vin, but you can call me by my real name, TheK3vin. I just started playing today, and I'm liking the game and the community. I like video games.
Updated for some current information:
I am awesome.
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Post by Olaf »

I figure I shall post here now.
Found this place through talking with somebody that was playing already.
I was trying to get him to play some other game, and he said something like, "I'm too busy playing Twilight Heroes."

But anyway, I go by Olaf, OlafTheGreat, OlafTheMediocre nowadays over on KoL, which I've played for a few years.

I'm 20, from central California (seriously, the official center of California is a 20 minute drive from here), and currently studying drafting.
I do some programming in my free time, PHP, QBASIC, some C, and used to screw around with Visual Basic 5 in highschool.
I started working on my own web game (post-apocalyptic themed), but my lack of experience with SQL has it now only able to log in and add or subtract money from your account. It's not even on the internet, but on my laptop running through localhost.

Don't have a very exciting job, so I won't even tell you what it is.
My time is usually spent sitting around having movie scenes that don't (yet) exist flying around in my mind (usually p-a or steampunk-ish) or reading. I like some sci-fi/fantasy, John Grisham (courtroom drama), Tom Clancy (only the spy ones, not that political stuff), H2G2, Catch-22, and murder mysteries. I think Heinlein's a quack, but like Asimov.

Maybe more added later when I think of something.
Well, I've got a hat!

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Post by sounos »

I'm 17 from New Zealand and I haven't quite decided how to pronounce my username yet.

I've been playing this game long enough to remember the good old days before this lag (read: two days). Got exams in two weeks so I found this game looking for any excuse to not study :)

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Post by TheK3vin »

Heh, that pictures's great...

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Post by TheK3vin »

EDIT: sorry for the double post... This lag is ridiculous. I'm donating asap...
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Post by cromulentia »

hi folks, i'm cromulentia in-game (and becky IRL). i found my way here thanks to the front page of the KoL wiki, and am thoroughly enjoying my time here so far.

well, as essentially everyone else has listed their gaming experience, i guess i can share mine, although its really not much. i've been playing kol since maybe february i think (i go by the same name there, as well as donkey lips). i actually don't own any gaming systems (its true!), so i've become pretty attached to PC games such as civilization and morrowind.

so what else can i ramble on about....

well, i'm a 21 year old college student, with only one more semester to go. i'm from the lancaster area of pennsylvania, about an hour west of philly, but i go to school in eastern kentucky. its a special place, to say the least. anyhow, i'm done now. congratulations if you actually read the whole way through that mess.

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Post by MagiNinjA »

I wuv you shokkie!!11111

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Post by Rueby »

I play Rue and Autumn Rose mostly, I'm also Autumn Rose on KoL. Stay at home married housewife with 3 kids living in New England. One dog that also thinks himself one of the kids, which is sometimes true but sometimes not. I have no experience in anything remotely resembling coding, programming or other math type stuff. Math r hrd. I do however spend a large part of my day online reading webcomics, blogs, playing games and mudding.
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Post by TheK3vin »

Not extremely suprising. I've never so much as seen anyone playing DnD before, though I've always been interested. Played a bit of Magic, but I always sucked at making good decks, since I only had a few hundred cards (which isn't actualy a lot, mind you).

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Post by Lxndr »

Hi, I'm Alexander, though you can call me "Lxndr" or "Lx." Like many, I found this place through the mention on the KoL wiki, just in time for the lag to begin.

I donated $20 my first or second day - enough for a gold star and a hero's cape, which (apart from a short stint in porcelain bay) I've been wearing ever since.

(I'm really hoping Twilight Heroes never has anything like "Hardcore" because if so, I'll probably do that, and then my cape and star will be meaningless to me)

I finally figured out computers yesterday, and hit level 11 last night farming the city of lost robots for mangled data. Now I have every bit of software I'm aware of in the game (and used the assembling table for the first time, as well). I am playing a psion, and so it seems I have every single skill the game can offer me without switching classes.

I'm waiting to find out when I can have more than two auras active. This information is not yet available on the wiki (I remember being so happy when I found out I could have two... but it's only been two for so long, and I can cast three).

I'm a little shy of my sixth digit in binary, and have been on the internet since I first achieved my fifth, when I first went to college. I am now back in college finishing that which I started - a degree in mathematics (and now a second in economics).

In KoL, I'm mostly "famous" (if that's the word) for avoiding cooking and cocktailcrafting entirely (my biggest pet peeve about NS13 is that I now have to buy an oven to complete one of the quests). I played City of Heroes and City of Villains until they brought crafting into the game (bringing it downhill, I felt; it was not as fun afterwards).

I am so happy that there's so little crafting-related stuff in TH and I hope that never changes. (That said, I love the method used by the computers - you feed it a data plate, give up running another program for a time, then adventure until it's done)
Alexander Cherry
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