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PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 1:09 am 
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This is a fictional story containing many things from Twilight Heroes, like certain heroes' names, as well as villains'... and... etc... xD
I don't own Twilight Heroes, Ryme does, please don't sue me or any of my collaborators.
This story is loosely based upon an ongoing roleplay in the TH chat.
This story is also a parody, so OOC characters are supposed to be that way.
Some characters approved the use of ther actual username (Hero name), and some haven't, 'cause I didn't ask them XD

Twilight Heroes: Amazing Tales

Previously on THAT:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Carygon Nijax asked for mentos and coke
His companions knocked him out
Golaf is going to spy the RPC
JozzyBot asked for a fancy latte

Charpter 5: Somebody has to know...

after being knocked out, Carygon Nijax wakes up in a room naked and...

naked! wait.. is that right? we're supposed to be narrating an all-family story, we can't have naked people walking around freely!

Writter: hey.. stop that Narrator.. it's a written story.. nobody can see C-Gon naked!
Author: besides.. they won't feel sorry for not seeing that
Carygon Nijax: Hey! I'm listening!
Author: no you are not! you are unconscious
Carygon Nijax: no I'm not... the Narrator just woke me up

can't we just go on? Ok. where was I?.. ah.. right.. C-gon woke up in a room, an empty room, filled with a white and blindfull light...
Carygon Nijax: where am I?
suddenly, a voice started spealing from somewhere, like... inside a box.. or rather.. a loudspeaker
Voice: Please Alien... relax.. we were running several tests on you to verify if you were a biological threat or not
Carygon Nijax: Who is that?
Voice: This is Susan Novak, I'm a scientist from Twilight University, please try no calm down
Carygon Nijax yells angryly
Carygon Nijax: Relax??? RELAX?? I'M TIED UP TO A WALL!!!! HOW THE H*** AM I SUPPOSED TO RELAX???
Voice of JozzyBot: Hey.. sh'up or I'll shoot you again!!
Voice of Crowid: Sh'up?
Voice of JozzyBot: yeah.. it's like "Shut Up" but shorter
Voice of Oiler: sounds stupid to me.
Voice of Susan: hey.. guys.. he can hear you!!
Voice of Crowid: All right.. how do you do this?.. do I have to press here?
Voice of JozzyBot: no that's not the..
Voice of JozzyBot: this one.. no!! the red one!!!
Carygon Nijax: Hey stop!! just.. take me out of here!!
Voice of Crowid: C'mon! if the kid was dangerous he already had cut our throats!
Voice of Oiler: you're right... we should let him go...
Voice of JozzyBot: NAY unless Susan says we can
Voice of Susan: yes.. he's not a biological threat... so. let him out
suddenly a door opens, and Oiler comes in and unties C-Gon...
Susan and the rest walks in

Susan Novak: Hello Carygon Nijax, we have a lot of questions for you
Crowid: And the only place we can ask them is in RPCHQ!
Oiler: why? can't we ask him here?
Crowid: we could.. but.. I want a coffee shot!
JozzyBot: Yeah.. me too
Susan Novak: Alright, let's head to Jittterspout Coffee
everyone walks away the room, leaving C-Gon alone
Carygon Nijax Runs after the party


meanwhile, on LaSH HQ.
Talk-a-tile: So Golaf, tell me, why are you here and not spying the RPC as I told you
Golaf: Because I wanted you to know my group of collaborators
Talk-a-tile leans forwards, interested
Golaf: here they are...
Golaf points to a door that opens
The janitor is mopping the floor behind the door, looks at Talk-a-tile and Golaf and starts walking away slowly
Two guys come in and sits next to Golaf.

Golaf: Meet TheC4bin and EpochSoda
Talk-a-tile shakes the hands of the two guys
Talk-a-tile: and tell me, what are their special skills for this mission?
Golaf: Well, TheC4bin is a crazy bastard, and EpochSoda is like one of those freaks, so... they will help me on this
TheC4bin stands on his feet, interrupting, makes some gestures with his hands, shakes his head, makes some weird noices with his mouth and sits back
EpochSoda remains in silence
Talk-a-tile: Ok...
Talk-a-tile looks kinda scared at TheC4bin
Talk-a-tilereally : I think you should be moving, do you know where are they?
Golaf looks at EpochSoda
EpochSoda clears his throat and speaks loudy
EpochSoda: they were at Susan Novak's laboratory at University highs
Talk-a-tile looks at EpochSoda noding and then looks at Golaf
Talk-a-tile: I'll trade you this guy for Raccoon Girl
Golaf glares at Talk-a-tile
Golaf: You won't buy me with a hat certificate this time
Talk-a-tile smash his fists in the air, dissapointed
Talk-a-tile: Crap!

back on Jitterspout Coffee,
Crowid glares at the narrator
erh! mean... RPC HQ

JozzyBot, Oiler, Crowid, Crowus, Carygon Nijax and Susan Novak are sitting on a small round Table, all drinking a Fancy Latte
JozzyBot gives some explanations to Carygon Nijax

JozzyBot: ... and that's why I knocked you out
Carygon Nijax: Ok, I'm a reasonable person, so I understand that.
Carygon Nijax: Coke and mentos are a weird thing...
JozzyBot grins
Carygon Nijax glares at the group

Carygon Nijax: Why was I tied up to a wall?
Crowus brachyrhynchos grins
Crowus brachyrhynchos: Duct Taped actually, it was my idea, rope is expensive this days, and, since you are skillfull with a lead pipe I thought you might make a weapon from a rope as well
Carygon Nijax lifts an eyebrow

Carygon Nijax: that doesn't makes any sence
Oiler: Well, when he told us it sound pretty Logical to all of us
Carygon Nijax: Right, and Whose idea was leaving me naked?
Crowus brachyrhynchos grins
Crowid: It was Oiler's
Carygon Nijax glares at Oiler
Crowid grins and whispers

Crowid: He wanted to take you some pictures for his private collection
Crowus brachyrhynchos laughs
Oiler: Wha'? I told Susan that analyzing your gear would be a good Idea
Susan Novak nods
Susan Novak: Yes he did, and it was. I found high-level- Technology on some of your clothes
Crowid: And I told her to analyze you, your skin, your hair, everything, so then we could prove that you were an alien
Carygon Nijax: You know, you could have asked m...
Carygon Nijax remembers hidding the fact that he was an alien in the first place and retracts himself
Carygon Nijax: no... you couldn't.. tee hee
Oiler slams his fists on the table
Oiler: Alright! you know something! you f****** alien! now tell us!
JozzyBot stands on her feet and points Oiler with her railgun totally annoyed

JozzyBot: Be cool! Or I swear on God that I'll put a bullet on your head!
Crowid grins and whispers to Crowus
Crowid: And he was mad one
JozzyBot turns, faces Crowid and point him with her railgun

Carygon Nijax stands, grabs the railgun's cannon, starts heating it almosts to totally melt it, and then twists it making it points to JozzyBot
Carygon Nijax: Y'know.. I'm getting tired of your attitude
JozzyBot glares at Carygon Nijax, and sits back
Oiler now asks totally calmed
Oiler: So... will you tell us what do you know now?
Carygon Nijax: yes, just ask me what do you wanna know

suddenly, Golaf, TheC4bin and EpochSoda walks into Jitterspout Coffee, aproaches the group and stand next to the table
Golaf: Hi! we are the new members of RPC!
Crowid looks souspiciusly at the trio of new heroes and then asks
Crowid: Oiler, are there your friends?
TheC4bin starts making some gestures with his hands, shakes his head, and makes some weird noices with his mouth
EpochSoda calls the waitress and asks her for a coke
Crowus brachyrhynchos: 'Kay.. I think they are Oiler's friends
Oiler glares at Crowus brachyrhynchos
Susan Novak: well... I want to ask why did you come here?
Carygon Nijax: I came here to save you
Susan Novak: Saving us from what?
Carygon Nijax: From destruction...
Carygon Nijax leans forwards and starts narrating his story

Carygon Nijax: "I came here looking for those meteorites you all have on your talismans.
Those meteorites are made of a strange mineral... well, actually, two different minerals, Irrhodium and Xentrium...
JozzyBot interrupts
JozzyBot: Wait! Irrohdium and Xentrium? Time-Warping Xentrium?
Carygon Nijax: Yes, Time-Warping Xentrium and Space-Distorting Irrohdium
JozzyBot: Space-Distorting?
Susan Novak: Wait, so, are you telling us that Xentrium and Irrohdium are alien minerals?
Carygon Nijax: Yes, actually, they are not even native from my planet
Susan Novak: So, where are they from?
Carygon Nijax: Do you know what "Black Holes" are?
Susan Novak: Theoretically they are massive stars that collapses when their life finishes
Carygon Nijax: yeah, with a Supernova, lot of energy is liberated
Crowus brachyrhynchos: but those stars collapse because they have an Iron nucleus, iron is a heavy atom, the heaviest stars can make
Carygon Nijax: yes, but those iron nucleus collapse again and gains a really strong gravitational field
JozzyBot: 'kay, so.. what does "Black Holes" have to do with Irrohdium and Xentrium? Are black holes made of these materials?
Carygon Nijax: Not exactly, you see, black holes have a really strong gravitational field, but, Irrohdium and Xentrium needs a stronger field to be created
Oiler scratches his head
Oiler: I think I got lost
TheC4bin starts making some gestures with his hands like explaining something, nods, and makes some weird noices with his mouth
Oiler looks scared at TheC4bin

EpochSoda: So... black holes, Xentrium and Irrohdium? this sounds like Sci-Fi
Golaf: So does your mom
EpochSoda: Wha-
JozzyBot stands and points around with her railgun

JozzyBot: Hey! Stop it!
Crowid: You have two of those things?
JozzyBot: Three actually, you don't know when a lunatic alien will melt your first one
Susan Novak shakes her head in dissapointment
Susan Novak: please, go on, you were saying that Xentrium and Irrodium need a strong gravitational field to be formed
Carygon Nijax: after a certain period of time, the iron contained in the black holes starts combining itself with more iron and makes two really strange elements
Susan Novak: Irrodium and Xentrium
Carygon Nijax: Exactly. According to all the research we made, those elements are not even supposed to exist according to the chemistry and physichs universal laws
Susan Novak: then how do they exist?
Carygon Nijax: well, that's an easy thing to explain...
Carygon Nijax grabs a sheet of paper and starts writing a lot of mathemathical equations and symbols, and mumbles some weird greek characters and some weird constants
Susan Novak nods while reading the whole thing written on the sheet of paper
Everyone else looks around confused

Carygon Nijax: In that way, looking everyithing as an entire system, the whole thing makes sence, the mathematical universe makes a perfect balance when considering Irrohdium and xentrium on these equations
JozzyBot nods pretending to understand
JozzyBot: well, if Xent and irrohd are from Black Holes how do they reached this planet? or yours?
Carygon Nijax: well, obviously you can't go to a normal black hole, grab a piece of it and come back...
Crowid: Of course you can't! you can't right?
Susan Novak: Not in a normal black hole...
Oiler: what do you mean?
Susan Novak: recently, the existance of massive black holes on the center of galaxies was prooved
Oiler: and...
Susan Novak: theoretically you can actually travel to a massive black hole and come back...
Carygon Nijax: yes, but... it is not the way how those materials arrived to my planet
Oiler: So.. how did they-
Carygon Nijax: Galaxies crash
Susan Novak: how?
Carygon Nijax: when two galaxies crashes it means that two massive holes will be really close in a point of that colission.
Susan Novak: yes, eventually one of the holes will be absorved by the other
Carygon Nijax: well... we found out that it doesn't happens everytime
Susan Novak: Really?
Carygon Nijax: yes, one of the holes explodes and it's pieces fly away from the other black hole, like if they would be repelled like electrons and protons
JozzyBot: Wow! small black holes flying lost on the space???
Carygon Nijax: No... Irrohdium and Xentrium meteorites flying around the universe
Golaf: So those thing arrived to your planet?
Carygon Nijax: yes, those weird meteorites have awesome properties
Golaf: Time-warp and Space-distort
Carygon Nijax: yes... those materials allowed us to improve our technology really fast
Carygon Nijax sighs
Carygon Nijax: My father helped a lot with it... he died four years after discovering the meteorites and the materials
Susan Novak: How did he died?
Carygon Nijax: Apparently, Xentrium and Irrohdium can mutate the mitochondrial DNA... it gives a lot of strenght, and it makes you smarter... but it kills you after 4 or 5 years of high exposition to them...
Crowus brachyrhynchos: Wait! you are kidding right? Mitochondrias have their own DNA?
Susan Novak: Yeah, so does the organelles that synthetize the chlorophyll
JozzyBot: So, a mutation on the mitochondrial DNA might lead to an increase of energy production, making you stronger, right?
Carygon Nijax: Right, but not only that, the mutant mitocondrial also re-activate neurons, allowing them to make a lot more connections with each other
TheC4bin: Making you smarter... interesting
Golaf glares at TheC4bin
Golaf: wait, you talk?
TheC4bin: yeah, didn't you hear me?
Golaf: you were mumbling all the time
TheC4bin: really? crappy fake teeth...
Golaf: I guess I can't blame you... please go on
Carygon Nijax: Ok.. after all of that... mitochondrias just die, and then leaves the human being without any way to making energy
Susan Novak: and that leads to death
JozzyBot: well.. if everyone is going to die because of the meteorites, we should take them all and put them somewhere safe, right?
Crowid: you are forgetting something very important my dear
JozzyBot: What?
Crowid: Every single hero of this city posses a piece of these meteorites
JozzyBot: and? we take all of them
Oiler: just that easy? then gimme your meteorite piece
JozzyBot: are you mad? I could loose all my powers if I ... aw... I see...
Crowid: It is not going to be easy
Susan Novak: But it is for the sake of all the people of Twilight, you must accomplish this my friends.
Carygon Nijax: so... are you going to help me?
JozzyBot: sure!
Crowid: Count me in!
Crowus brachyrhynchos: me too!
Oiler: I guess I don't have a choice
Golaf: I think I should follow you a little longer to spy you...
Carygon Nijax: What did you say?
Golaf: I said I'm a HAT!


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Corrupt Shadow laughs, but demands the return of Cheating Shade.

:lol: :mrgreen: :lol:

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PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 10:41 pm 
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This one lacked the something the others had.
Too much exposition, too.

Well, I've got a hat!

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 4:51 am 
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CS. awit until next chapter.. CS and a lot of characters have to come back!

Jozzy. I bet you didn't know abotu the existance of these "Massive BLack Holes" and that's why you thought that normal black holes had the mos powerfull gravitational field... Oh.. and.. by the way.. it's just a story abotu "Super Heroes" in a fictional City called Twilight! why can't I make up some things???
About the reflexes... I kida assumed that it was clear.. if you could think faster and you were stronger, ergo, you get faster reactions

Olaf, I'm sorry, I'll try to make it better next time...

ok.. keep reading... and.. keepwritting!! xD

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 5:22 am 
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well... since the reaction and reflexes are managed by the spine -it takes less time to the electrical impulse to travel to the spinal cord than going all the way to the brain and back- i guess neuronal-sinapsis improovement won't help a lot

And.. abotu chapter 6... I didn't wanted to say anything about it but... you re the first one on asking... ever... so.. there it goes:


- try to imagine one of those guys who tells you the "Next season" movies narrating this-

The team faces a challenge
Convincing every hero is not going to be easy!
Cheating Shade reappears to defend the team from an unexpected attack
There's a secret hidden in Shiloh Sanatarium... and they have to find out what is it...

A lot of action an -weird- commedy!


coming soon... well... next tuesday actually

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 4:10 am 
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ok.. I got delayed.. don't get mad... it will be ready by saturday...

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 5:57 am 
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Aw, I had my hopes up when I saw a new post. :P

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 9:34 am 
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just.. gimme some more time... oh.. by the way.. CS.. you won't get mad if Cheating Shade dies right?

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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 10:30 am 
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Awwwww... I guess not... as long as he doesn't go out as a punk like Mace Windu or something.

I've won the 100k DD bet so many times, I should have the title "Mr. Luck"

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2009 4:09 am 
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believe me... it will be a very heroic "death"... and I won't go any further... because if I do... noone will ever read this again xD

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