Help & Hints - Please read before posting

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Help & Hints - Please read before posting

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Welcome to the Help Forum! Before posting, please read the following rules. Doing so will likely cause less pain on your part. In addition, this thread applies to all forums.

1. Search before posting a thread. Your question may have already been answered.

2. If you find a question similar to yours, but without the exact answer you need, please post in that thread, don't create a new one.

3. Use descriptive titles. "Help!", or "I'm stuck!" are not useful titles.

4. Refrain from using all caps in your title to express urgency--all help is equally important.

5. Do not use spoilers when answering questions in the help forum, try to use hints or riddles. If you're not sure your hint could be construed as spoilerish, please use spoiler tags, as so:

Code: Select all

[spoiler]The cake is a lie.[/spoiler]
6. If we have locked one of your threads, please read our response in the thread - don't create another thread asking why your thread was locked.

7. If you phrase your question politely with correct grammar, you are much more likely to receive a faster response.

8. If your question has a large range of possible answers, it should probably be posted in the Gameplay and Discussion forum. More direct questions with a single answer should be posted in this forum.

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