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Postby Jesus » Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:04 pm

I've noticed that enemies drop different ranges of chips on different days. Is this actually true, or am I just encountering some RNG weirdness?

And if this is true, do the things that effect chip drops act on the min/max an enemy drops, or the min/max an enemy drops that day?

Plus, the chip drop modifiers seem wonky.
A specific example.

brawling drunkard:
Without any effects or equipment, max chip drop: 28
With +15% chip drops through equipment, max chip drop: 34
With Aura: Keen Observation, max chip drop: 38

28-34 is a 21.4% increase. It sure ain't 15%
28-38 is a 35.7% increase.

I've been trying to spade Keen Observation, but keep getting percentages anywhere from that 35.7 all the way down to 18.something. I used the max chip drop because I had mins from the day before, and since the mins today were higher, I didn't keep track of them.
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