THAT 7 (Looking for someone? -Part 2-)

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THAT 7 (Looking for someone? -Part 2-)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:28 am

This is a fictional story containing many things from Twilight Heroes, like certain heroes' names, as well as villains'... and... etc... xD
I don't own Twilight Heroes, Ryme does, please don't sue me or any of my collaborators.
This story is loosely based upon an ongoing roleplay in the TH chat.
This story is also a parody, so OOC characters are supposed to be that way.
Some characters approved the use of ther actual username (Hero name), and some haven't, 'cause I didn't ask them XD

Twilight Heroes: Amazing Tales

Previously on THAT:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Looking for someone? (Part 2)

The team is on Carygon Nijax's Spaceship looking for some sort of conservation device to put Cheating Shade's body in there untill they have the time to perform a funeral...
Narrator: Wait.. are they gonna put CS in a fridge???
Writter: No... is a conservation device
Narrator: a fridge?
Writter: You wanna call it a fridge?
Narrator: No.. I'm just asking...
Writter: just imagine a big white or silver structure that can preserve several things insi-... aw...
Narrator: see my point?
Author: Yes.. whatever.. but.. that's how it is written.. just.. go on...

The team is on Carygon Nijax's Spaceship looking for some sort of conservation device to put Cheating Shade's body in there untill they have the time to perform a funeral...
Carygon Nijax: I think his body will be ok in here.. my people used this to long travels in space... animated suspension or something like that....
JozzyBot: Hey C-Gon.. I know you liked him... but he's gone... now we gotta move on...
Carygon Nijax: Yeah... you're right... now we have to find that girl...
Crowid: Do we know anything about that girl?
Golaf: I know something
Oiler: What?
Golaf: I know that she's in the maximum security area of the Sanatarium, and that it won't be easy to find, or even talk to her...
EpochSoda approaches while talking on his cellphone
EpochSoda: Ok... everything is set... I already talked to Shilo's, they're waiting us, all we have to do is get in there, show our Security Card lvl 7 and we talk to Valera... she's in the cell #8032
Oiler: But Golaf said it was going to be hard
Golaf: Well.. I was wrong.. never mind..I want a Taco!
JozzyBot: do we have that card?
TheC4bin: yeah... I have one here in my pocket!
TheC4bin touches his pocket
EpochSoda: Ok then.. let's go!

meanwhile on the Zoo

Talk-a-tile: I hate the field work! this is why we have recruits! where are all of the???
Triskiona: you kick them out because they were young and without experience
Talk-a-tile: oh... yeah... well.. anyway.. we need help here! Raccoon Girl! where is CS!!??
Raccoon Girl: I don't know.. he left the LASH HQ and disappeared
Talk-a-tile: He probably is at the cinema, watching that stupid movie again
Talk-a-tile Scratches his head
Triskiona: Uhmm...
Talk-a-tile: what is it?
Triskiona: I just forgot why we are here and what are we looking for...
Talk-a-tile: we are looking for clues! we need to know what's the next move of the RPC!
Triskiona: But why here? Golad said that they were at Jax'Za Pizza
Talk-a-tile: well.. I guess we are here because... Raccoon Girl! did you find any witnesses?
Raccoon Girl: Well.. this brats say they saw the RPC here.. singing autographs
Aaron: yeah! the RPC was here! they have an awesome movie!
Ross: and we are going to make a video game based on that movie!!
Raccoon Girl: Really? and how would it be?
Aaron: a browser-based-game!
Ross: Yeah! like KoL!
Aaron: But about Superheroes!
Ross: and with a lot of stuff!
Aaron: and clever jokes
Ross: and spoonerisms!
Raccoon Girl: Nobody will play that.. if it is like KoL...
Aaron: Nah! people will like it!!
Raccoon Girl: ok... what would be it's name?
Ross: Dawn Town Heroes!
Raccoon Girl: Ok.. when I see PC Gamer magazine mentioning it.. I'll play it
Ross: but by that time we will have about 25,000 users!
Raccoon Girl: then i'll keep playing KoL
Raccoon Girl glares at the kids

a few minutes later, in Shiloh Sanatarium
Recepcionist: Good evening, are you Looking for someone?
Carygon Nijax: Hello.. we are here to speak with Valera
Recepcionist: Ok.. you must be the RPC
EpochSoda: Indeed we are
Recepcionist: May I see your Security card please?
TheC4bin: No problem.. I have it right... wait... where is it???
Golaf: please don't tell me you lost it?
TheC4bin: yes but no...
JozzyBot: what you mean with that?
TheC4bin: Yes.. I lost it.. but.. No.. I didn't
Oiler: Again please...
Crowid: he says he doesn't have it with him.. but he knows where it is
JozzyBot: So.. where is it?
TheC4bin: in my other pants...
Golaf: and where are they?
TheC4bin: In the Heroes' Council
JozzyBot draws her railgun
Carygon Nijax: Ok then.. we'll all chill out... and go to the council... it ain't a big deal...
JozzyBot swings her railgun
JozzyBot: No.... s-s-s-sure... it... ain't a big d-d-deal...

minutes later at the Heroes' Council
EpochSoda: Hey Sally! we need to go to the locker-room
Old Woman: Hey Roger.. is nice to see you around...
EpochSoda: Sally please... Don't use my real name in front of the heroes
Sally: Ok... then you'd better start calling me "Old Woman"
EpochSoda: ok... sorry..
Sally: Go... remember... left room... downstairs?
JozzyBot: wait! TheC4bin, do you have yor locker key?
TheC4bin: I... never said my pants were in my locker...
EpochSoda: I know... I wanted to pick some stuff from my locker
TheC4bin: I bet she has my pants
TheC4bin points at the Old Woman
Sally: who? me?
TheC4bin: yeah.. those that you are wearing now!
Sally: oh.. this? I found them next to the pool.. nobody asked for them.. so I kept them If you need them I can take them off right now
Sally stands and starts taking off her pants
Crowid: noo please!! all we need is a card that was on it's pocket!
Sally: uh? oh.. you mean the Level 7 security card?
Oiler: yeah...
Sally: here.. I use it to mark my book where I stopped reading
JozzyBot: Here.. mark with this now...
Sally: Oh... a railgun bullet! thank you!
JozzyBot: you're welcome.. just.. try not to hit it too much...
Golaf: Ok.. can we leave now??
EpochSoda: Sure... let's go....

Meanwhile on the Rooftops of Downtown
Triskiona:... I hate having an appointment while I could be out fighting Robots, or dinosaurs...
then, from behind a shadow a man appears... wearing a white suit and throwing away some weird dices
Man in White: Isn't it interesting how actions are formed with words, and words can express actions and feelings...
Triskiona points her GigaGuy cannon to the direction of the voice
the Man in White shows himself
Triskiona's GigaGuy cannon transforms into a butterfly...
Triskiona crushes the butterfly in her hands
Man in White: you should take some anger-management lessons...
Triskiona Shut up RWG...
RWG: Why calling me that way? I have a name you know!
Triskiona: Yes I know... but I won't say it
RWG: Say it I say!
Triskiona NO!
RWG: You will Say it!
Triskiona: I'll never say it!
Triskiona says RWG's name out loud
Triskiona: R-R-Rand-om Word Gen-Gen-nerator!
Triskiona drops to her knees
Triskiona: what... what was that? Did I... do what you wanted?
RWG: Indeed my dear...
Triskiona: But.. you... generate Random words... how... you.. can't manipulate the words you generate...
RWG: A lot of things can change, and a lot can be learned...
Triskiona: What... what do you want from me?
RWG: First of al... I want you to stand...
Triskiona stands
Triskiona: this is getting weird
RWG: Now.. I want you to join me
Triskiona: and why would I do that?
RWG: Just.. follow me with this reasoning. Now.. I can generate the words I want to distort reallity... Now... I can say anything I want and it will become true... so.... what if I say "Triskiona is the most powerfull being in the universe",. Wouldn't it become true?
RWG: All I'm asking is you joining me and the person who gave me this ability...
Triskiona: I.. don't know...
RWG: Think about it... you could be the most... powerfull... being... in the universe...
Triskiona starts shaking...

Back in Shiloh, our heroes are about to meet Valera

Carygon Nijax: Finally! we are here!
Nurse: Let me warn you... she's insane.. lately she has been watching some weird movie about a group of heroes, the RDC or something like that...
Oiler: our movie.. oh crap... more autographs...
Nurse opens the door #8032
the room is white, with no windows, a young woman, disheveled, and walking on the far wall...
Valera looks at the RPC
Valera: It took you long to reach this point...
Oiler: well you know... we lost the card, and we had to-
Narrator: Ptss Oiler... Oiler... OILER!
Oiler Uh? what Narrator?
Narrator: The chapter is supposed to en here
Oiler: Oh.. really?
Narrator: Really! nor Shut Up!
Oiler: can I say "TO BE CONTINUED"?
Narrator: No way!
Oiler: C'mon!!
Narrator: Ok...

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Re: THAT 7 (Looking for someone? -Part 2-)

Postby Olaf » Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:00 am

You need to get your characterizations down better. I would obviously ask for a burrito over a taco any day.
Well, I've got a hat!

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Re: THAT 7 (Looking for someone? -Part 2-)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:24 am

ok then... If you want I can edit it...
but... I Think Golaf would like a taco anyway...
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Re: THAT 7 (Looking for someone? -Part 2-)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:33 am



The narrator goes on vacations!
Valera shows herself just as she is
The Mick makes it's first apparition on the series
Talk-a-tile notes something weird about Triskiona

in a couple of hours!! only on Twilight Forums!!!
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