THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

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THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Sat May 23, 2009 11:29 pm

This is a fictional story containing many things from Twilight Heroes, like certain heroes' names, as well as villains'... and... etc... xD
I don't own Twilight Heroes, Ryme does, please don't sue me or any of my collaborators.
This story is loosely based upon an ongoing roleplay in the TH chat.
This story is also a parody, so OOC characters are supposed to be that way.
Some characters approved the use of ther actual username (Hero name), and some haven't, 'cause I didn't ask them XD

Twilight Heroes: Amazing Tales

Previously on THAT:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Carygon Nijax explained what he knew
Everyone listened...
Olaf didn't like this chapter...

Chapter 6: Looking for someone? (Part 1)

Three months after the last meeting in the RPC'HQ, we find the members of the LASH in a strange situation.
Talk-a-tile: I can't believe I made such a mistake!
Cheating Shade: Relax.. I told you... he wasn't here to destroy us
Talk-a-tile: but I can't 'elieve it!... Triskiona. your spy was wrong all the time
Triskiona: at least she tried to do her job... not like yours...
Talk-a-tile: don't even dare to mention the hat boy... I can't believe I was so wrong...
Triskiona giggles and starts reading the Twilight Herald
Triskiona yells

Triskiona: What the Hell???!!!
Cheating Shade: What? what happened Tris???
Triskiona: just read
Twilight Herald wrote: Five Heroes Died!!!

Talk-a-tile: Oh no!! who did it???
Triskiona: Nobody
Talk-a-tile: what do you mean with "nobody"? "Someone" had to do it! a hero doen't dies of natural causes
Cheating Shade: they did... look at this
Twilight Herald wrote: The heroes were found in their hideouts, death, there's no sign of a murder, and they all look like natural deaths

Talk-a-tile: But.. how??... call Raccoon Girl!
Triskiona drops a section of the Twilight Herald on the floor
Raccoon Girl races into the room, and starts eating the sheet of paper.
Cheating Shade yells

Cheating Shade: NO! It was the "Show World" section! Now I won't know if they are going to make another movie! or if it is going to be a secuel or a totally diferent story!!
Talk-a-tile: Sh'up CS. Nobody cares about that... Raccoon Girl. What do you know about those deaths?
Raccoon Girl: I didn't do it if you want to know that
Talk-a-tile: I mean about the details
Raccoon Girl: Oh... I thought that since three of those owed me money, and I didn't had a good relationship with one of them, and the other was my ex-boyfriend...
Talk-a-tile smashes his fist on the wall
Talk-a-tile: Enough! Just tell me what you know????
Raccoon Girl: Well... I know nothing... but if you give me a few hours...
Talk-a-tile: Just try to explain me why are you the intelligence officer of the League of Amazing Super Heroes if you know nothing about something this important that happened this morning!
Raccoon Girl: well.. maybe it is because of the people I know...
Raccoon Girl looks at Triskiona
Triskiona: Hey!
suddenly the phone starts ringging
Talk-a-tile answers the phone

Talk-a-tile: What is it?
Unknown Voice: I have something really important to tell you
Talk-a-tile: What? Who is this?
Unknown Voice: You hired me to gather information about a particular man
Talk-a-tile: What? are you Parco? What do you know about my bussiness partner? Is he cheating on me???
Unknown Voice: No moron!! the other man you hired!
Talk-a-tile: Tony Blair?
Unknown Voice: Nope
Talk-a-tile: Dick Army?
Unknown Voice: nope
Talk-a-tile: Frost? Al Gore? Raccoon Girl??
Unknown Voice: Golaf you-...!! I'm Golaf! and I have something to tell you
Talk-a-tile: It was about time you reported your progress
Golaf: It's about the Irrohdium and Xentrium Talismans, I think they got their firsts victims
Talk-a-tile: Irrohdium and Xentrium?? what are you talking about???
Golaf: didn't you read any of the letters I sent???
Talk-a-tile: What? I didn't get any letters from you?
Golaf: Are you nuts?? I sent a letter each day since the last three months!
Talk-a-tile: That's not possible. If I had any letters the mail-manager would have told me and Tris...
Talk-a-tile throws away the phone in rage
Talk-a-tile: Triskiona!!! Did I got any mail???
Triskiona: I... don't know...
Talk-a-tile: What??? the only task you have here is to check the mail-box every day!!
Triskiona: I'm sorry.. I had things to take care of
Talk-a-tile: like what???
Triskiona: Some robots, some dinosaurs, fiends from fiendish pit, and...whatching over and over all the seasons of "Lost" and "E.R"

a few hours earlier, we find our heroes singing autographs in the Heavy Industry Distric, into the Zoo a.k.a Triassic Park and Bestiary.
JozzyBot: Again... how did we get to this?
Crowid: This was all Oiler's idea... he said that if we made that stupid movie the heroes would resing their talismans
JozzyBot: and remind me... has it worked yet?
Crowid: well.. we got those kid's talisman...
Golaf: A pencil and a hard drive...
JozzyBot: and again... any sing of Irrohd.. or Xent?
Carygon Nijax: Nope... not at all...
Oiler: At least we won 7 Oscars
JozzyBot: We??? or Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, that guy Viggo Mortimer, and all those unknown actors you hired with OUR money?
Oiler:But we won 2 billion chips!
Crowid: that you lost in the Casinos
Oiler: But we got those talismans!
Carygon Nijax:Wich are useless
Golaf: So far your movie only worked to attract the civilians to the heroes topic
TheC4bin: and how bad is that?
EpochSoda: we don't want civilians involved... this might cause panic among the people once they find out that we want to leave this city without heroes
Golaf: A heroeless city would be the paradise for villians
Oiler: What did you say?
Golaf: Paradise?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: Villains?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: city?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: would?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: for?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: be?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: A?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: the?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: Heroeless?
Oiler: No the other word
Golaf: I didn't say anything else!!
suddenly Crowus brachyrhynchos starts telling the people that the show was over and starts locking the doors of the zoo... once they are all alone -besides the animals- he approaches his team and hands over to everyone a Twilight Herald
Crowus brachyrhynchos: Guys.. we have a problem
Carygon Nijax: Indeed... what do you know about this deaths??
Crowus brachyrhynchos: Only what it says in here...
EpochSoda: Give me a few minutes and I'll take care of it.
JozzyBot: You see Oiler?? Your movie ws good for nothing!! we have to take action!! not to sit back, and think about a secuel!!!
Oiler: But I need the money!!!
JozzyBot: Sh'up!!
Carygon Nijax: Ok... on the meantime we can go to our hideout
JozzyBot: Jitterspout?
Carygon Nijax: No.. that's our HQ
Crowid: Ok then... to Jax'Za Pizza!!
Golaf: Cool... I was hungry anyway...

after a few hours later -thanks to the traffic- in Jax'Za Pizza

Carygon Nijax: I can't believe it... we have the Crowidae, and the Antimass, But we had to come all the way from the Zoo to here in an old ambulance???
Crowid: hey! Don't treat that way the Crimson avenger!
Carygon Nijax: I wouldn't if we weren't 8 people in a car for 4!
Crowid: Ok.. I'm sorry!
EpochSoda: Enough! we are here to talk... now.. let me tell you what I know
Carygon Nijax: let me guess, cold bodies, natural deaths, no signs of struggle, apparently died sleeping, and had traces of Irrohd and Xent
EpochSoda: yeah... but. something else... the talismans were not there...
Carygon Nijax: the talismans weren't there?
Golaf: I... think I'm going to make a call...
Oiler: who are you going to call?
Golaf: My... mother...
JozzyBot: And how do you know the deaths were caused by the talismans?
TheC4bin: because heroes don't die of natural causes
EpochSoda: And the bodies had traces of Irrohdium and Xentrium, like C-Gon said.
JozzyBot: Oh...
Crowid: This doesn't makes any sence...
JozzyBot: why not?
Crowid: well.. how many years have passed since the metoer shower?
Oiler: So many years ago...
JozzyBot: about 2 years and a half
Carygon Nijax: What??? 2 years and a half are so many years???
Oiler: well... now that you mention it...
EpochSoda: It doesn't looks like enough time for Meteor contamination deaths... But the sintoms were the same...
TheC4bin: somethiong is not right...
suddenly, Cheating Shade opens the door of Jax'Za and approaces the team with a notebook in ihs hands
Cheating Shade: I'm sorry to bother you, but when I arrived to the Zoo you weren't there and I thought that I could find you here...
Oiler: What do you want?
Cheating Shade: your autograoh! I'm your Fan Number 1!! I saw the movie 74 times and I find it amazing!!
JozzyBot: I... never expected that...
Cheating Shade: Please... just.. one autograph... that's all I'm asking for...
suddenly the wall is blown apart and somebody walks in swinging a railgun, he has big horns on his forehead
Horned Man: there you are... now.. prepare to die!!!
Horned Man grabs his railgun and shoots a grenade to the table where the RPC was on
everyone jumps away

Oiler: Who are you?
Horned Man: I am Lucifer
Crowus brachyrhynchos: Like Satan?
Lucifer: No.. like Lucifer
Crowid: But it was one of Satan's names...
Lucifer: But I'm Lucifer
JozzyBot: But it would be easier to call you Satan.
Lucifer: But that's not my name.. call me Lucifer... you can't call me Satan
Carygon Nijax: Why not?
Lucifer: copyright thing. once again... Die!!!
Lucifer starts shooting with his railgun
everyone covers
JozzyBot counter-fires

JozzyBot: This are the fights that I like!!! Grab your weapons and help me here!
Carygon Nijax grabs his spear
Crowus uses his nailgun
Oiler grabs his railgun and starts shooting
Crowiddoes the same
Cheating Shade stays still with his notebook on his hands

Lucifer: Ha ha ha ha... you think you can hit me??? Ha ha ha ha
Lucifer stays in the same place.. no bullet seems to hit him, they all misses by little
Lucifer: you will never beat me
Lucifer changes his railgun from machine-gun mode to shot-gun mode
Carygon Nijax Jumps with his spear aiming to Lucifer's head
the spear stops really close to Lucifer
Carygon Nijax can't hit Lucifer

Lucifer: Magnetic Forcefield, you jackass
Lucifer shoots Carygon Nijax
Carygon Nijax is thrown away by the hit
Lucifer starts walking towards the rest of the heroes and starts shooting and hitting them
Oiler gets hurt in the shoulder.
Cheating Shade watches Oiler falling to the ground

Cheating Shade: NOOO!!!!
Cheating Shade grabs his weapon and runs towards Lucifer
Cheating Shade: WHY???
Cheating Shade hits with rage and hurts Lucifer pretty bad over and over
Lucifer can't defend himself, and his forcefield is useless against that power
Cheating Shade throws Lucifer to the street and turns towards the RPC

Cheating Shade: please.. tell me you are all right???
Carygon Nijax: Yeah.. we are ok...
JozzyBot: sure.. that shotgun was not that strong after all
Crowus, Crowid and the rests agrees...
Cheating Shade: I wasn't speaking to you.. Oiler, are you all right?
Oiler stands, with blood on his shoulder
Oiler: Yeah.. it is just a scratch... after all... I'm Oiler, a simple wound ain't going to kill me...
Cheating Shade: oh.. you are as strong as in the movie!!!
Carygon Nijax: where is that guy who sot us?
JozzyBot points to the unconscious body of Lucifer
JozzyBot: there, on the street
Lucifer stands
Lucifer: do you think a simple beating can stop me???!!
Crowid: why does everyone think they are almighty?
Crowus brachyrhynchos: who knows.. but that guy looks pretty bad...
EpochSoda approaches Lucifer
EpochSoda: Why did you attacked us?
Lucifer grins
Lucifer: because I was hired to
EpochSoda: who hired you?
Lucifer: your mom
Cheating Shade runs toward Lucifer, throws away EpochSoda, and hits Lucifer in the stomach
Cheating Shade: Sh'up!!!
Lucifer spits some blood
Lucifer: at least, do you know what are they trying to do?
Cheating Shade: What do you mean?
Lucifer: They want to take away your talisman... and every heroe's...
Cheating Shade: But why... unless... the movie... was it right?
Cheating Shade turns toward the RPC
Cheating Shade: Am I going to die?
Carygon Nijax: Yeah.... but we dont know when...
Cheating Shade removes his talisman and puts it on his hand
Cheatring Shade: and all because of you, little thing...
Lucifer grabs a knife and throws it to Cheating Shade's back
CCheating Shade falls to his knees and spits some blood
Carygon Nijax: Cheating Shade!!
Lucifer: I'm not done yet... but I'm done for now...
Lucifer teleports away
Carygon Nijax: Cheating Shade.. hang in there.. we can save you
Cheating Shade: it is too late...*caugh* ... find...*caugh* in Shilo's...*caugh* *caugh* Take this and show it to her
Cheating Shade hands his talisman to Carygon Nijax
Cheating Shade: Tell her your story... *caugh* she will know what to do
Carygon Nijax: Find who CS?
Cheating Shade: Find... *caugh* Valera...
Cheating Shade closes his eyes
Carygon Nijax stands

Carygon Nijax: We have to...
Carygon Nijax drops some tears
JozzyBot: we have to go to Shilo's...
Golaf: let's go find Valera

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Re: THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

Postby Corrupt Shadow » Sun May 24, 2009 10:02 pm

So, CS only closed his eyes. You never said he actually died.

I smell a SEQUEL!!!

:lol: :mrgreen: :lol:
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Re: THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

Postby Satan » Sun May 24, 2009 10:14 pm

Magnetic forcefield for the win? Why am I wielding a railgun, though >.> There are wayyyy too many railguns. I should be using, like, a bat out of hell. And riding a MECHAPINATA!

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Re: THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

Postby Olaf » Mon May 25, 2009 12:09 am

That wasn't you, he even said so himself!

Also, was I calling my mom during that whole battle?
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Re: THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

Postby Satan » Mon May 25, 2009 12:16 am

... You weren't calling your mom, you were talking to Talk, in the previous section >.> Although, potential logical consistency error, depending. While it's never stated that Cheating Shade left, he could have. He stopped talking several lines before Golaf's call, and Cheating Shade also shows up several lines after Golaf's call starts, so potentially there could've been enough time for him to make it there, although most likely (in a regular timeframe) there wouldn't have been. Who knows >.>

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Re: THAT 6 (Looking for someone? -Part 1-)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Mon May 25, 2009 1:38 pm

all I'm going to say is: Why mdoes everyone wants to go further than what I allow them to go???

1- CS... just.. try not saying it out loud!
2- JT... wait untill part 2 and you will know more about the forcefield and the teleportation... obviously, nobody on this earth has access to such technology! don't you agree?
3- about CS and the "time issues", he travels on a VHF-1 Fighter, and I never said where the HQ of the LASH were
4- I like to see all of you talking about this and posting replies... this makes me want to write the next chapter, not like that time in the chapter 2, Oh! such a bad memories!!! Shadows uppon my head!!! Fly blackbird!!! and bring me a coke on your way back!!!
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