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Twilight Heroes Amazing Tales 3 (RPC)

Postby Carygon Nijax » Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:32 am

This is a fictional story containing many things from Twilight Heroes, like certain heroes' names, as well as villains'... and... etc... xD
I don't own Twilight Heroes, Ryme does, please don't sue me or any of my collaborators.
I don't own the airship picture, either. Please don't sue me!
This story is loosely based upon an ongoing roleplay in the TH chat.
This story is also a parody, so OOC characters are supposed to be that way.
Some characters approved the use of ther actual username (Hero name), and some haven't, 'cause I didn't ask them XD

Twilight Heroes: Amazing Tales

Previously on THAT:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Carygon Nijax seached for useful items in the wreckage of his spacecraft-slash-'watertower'.
He didn't find anything in there, but he did find a trash bin nearby.
Unfortunately, he encountered another slightly crazed local there, who fought him.
A clean hit to the head from a lead pipe kept said local away, though.
Wandering into the Heroes' Guild, Carygon Nijax wandered out an official Hero of Twilight.
Although, he didn't manage to get any candy from the 24/7 store there.
Leaving the Guild, Carygon Nijax helped Admiral Crowid gain access to the Crowidae, Crowid's airship.
Crowid started on a long rant. When he finally finished, he invited Carygon on an aerial tour of the city...

Chapter 3: RPC

Aboard the Crowidae, Crowid is giving an aerial tour of Twilight City to our alien friend...

Crowid: Okay... this is Somerset, the coolest neighborhood in Twilight City.
Crowid looks at the crashed spaceship in the middle of Somerset Square.
Crowid: That's weird, I never saw that thing before...
Carygon Nijax: Oh... that's just a water tower...
Crowid: But if that's a water tower, why is there a propulsion system on top of it?
Carygon Nijax: Well... if I said architects, would you believe me?
Crowid: No... but I'd stop asking...
Carygon Nijax: Architects!
Crowid: OK... so, in Somerset, there's the Heroes' Guild, and some stores...
Carygon Nijax: The 24/7 candy store?
Crowid: Yeah...
Crowid steers the Crowidae to the west.
Crowid: Look.. over there is the University... and the gate to the space station.
Carygon Nijax: Wait! You have a space station? Ow, crap... Dad is going to kill me twice.
Crowid looks oddly at Carygon Nijax.
Crowid steers the Crowidae north.
Crowid: If you look over there, that's the Heavy Industry District.
Carygon Nijax: Nice. Heavy machinery and high-tech production!
Crowid: Yeah... that's A renegade robot hive... we fight them to protect the innocents.
Carygon Nijax: So... you fight some high-tech new types of robots?
Carygon Nijax grins.
Carygon Nijax: And what else?
Crowid: Over there's Shiloh Sanatarium, some crazy heroes and villains are there, and sometimes they try to escape.
Carygon Nijax: Ow... so you fight sick people, right?
Crowid frowns.
Crowid: Hey, look over there!
Crowid points to the right of the Sanatarium.
Crowid: The Dimensional Gate, fiends come through there all the time!
Carygon Nijax: Why do you have an open dimensional gate?
Crowid: Well... that's because...
Crowid scratches his head.
Crowid: Ooh, cake!
Carygon Nijax turns around.
Carygon Nijax: Where?
Crowid: Oh, sorry, my mistake... well, over there is the Triassic Park and Bestiary... you can go there and fight prehistoric creatures!
Carygon Nijax: Triassic Park and Bestiary? Is that some sort of zoo?
Crowid: Yeah, kind of.
Carygon Nijax: So you go into the zoo and fight captive animals?
Crowid scowls.
Crowid: You are not making this easy, kid...
Carygon Nijax: It's just that some things in this town don't seem right...
Crowid: Do me a favor... take the controls and shut up.
Carygon Nijax grins, and takes control of the Crowidae.
Crowid: Hey, you know how to handle this babe!
Carygon Nijax: Well... If I can fly a spaceship, I can fly an airship.
Crowid: Wha-
Carygon Nijax: Ow... look, cake!
Crowid: Where?
Carygon Nijax: Uh.. sorry.. my mistake!
Carygon Nijax grins.
Crowid: Hey, really... everything looks ok...
Crowid pulls a few random levers.
Carygon Nijax jumps in response to the sudden klaxon of alarm bells.
Crowid pulls another lever, which deactivates the alarms.
Crowid: Now, lemme adjust the angle of the back ailerons and the power of the main engine...
Carygon Nijax winces as the sound of a loud explosion comes from the engine room.
Crowid's Clone races out of the engine room, covered in oil.
Crowid's Clone: Hey! Who adjusted the angle of the back ailerons and the power of the main engine?
Crowid points at Carygon Nijax.
Carygon Nijax: Hey!
Crowid's Clone glares at Carygon Nijax.

The Crowidae crashes Out in the Desert.
Miraculously, Crowid, his younger clone, and Carygon Nijax are all unharmed.

Crowid's Clone: So... C-Gon... you got us into this... now take-
Mutant Fire Ant emerges from underground, and attacks the trio.
Crowid flees, looking for his weapon.
Carygon Nijax stands in front of the ant and asks for a lead pipe.
Crowid's Clone hands Carygon Nijax a lead pipe.
Mutant Fire Ant tries to bite Carygon Nijax.
Carygon Nijax manages to jump right on time, then hits the ground with the pipe, causing a small earthquake.
Crowid finds his weapon and shoots Mutant Fire Ant.
Crowid's Clone gets showered in ant guts.
Crowid's Clone: Crap... now I need a shower.
Crowid: Wow, kid, you are strong...
Crowid grabs his remainder cell phone.
Carygon Nijax blushes.
Carygon Nijax: No, I'm not.
Crowid: Hang on...
Crowid starts talking on the phone to someone, and wanders off.
Carygon Nijax faces Crowid's Clone.
Carygon Nijax: So, who are you?
Crowid's Clone: Oh, I'm Crowus brachyrhynchos, I'm Crowid's clone, erh, twin brother... or, brother...
Carygon Nijax: That's a long name... I'll call you Crow!
Crowus brachyrhynchos: I'm Crowus brachyrhynchos!
Carygon Nijax: Huh? Sorry, Crow...
Crowus brachyrhynchos glares at Carygon Nijax.
Crowid interrupts the scene, walking back towards his two companions.
Crowid: I got us a ride!
Carygon Nijax: Cool!
Crowus brachyrhynchos: OK.

A giant helicopter -still tiny compared to the Corvidae- decloaks, and lands next to the trio.
Young Woman exits out the helicoper's pilot side, wielding a railgun.
Young Man exits out the helicopter's copilot side. Oddly, he seems to have a Metal Detector hooked up to his ear.
Crowus brachyrhynchos: Yay! Stealth camo!
Young Man and Young Woman approach the trio.
Young Woman: So, Crowid... another accident? You broke your own record, nine accidents this week!
Crowid: Yeah, well... y'know how it is, you have your own airship.
Young Man: But she doesn't crash every day.
Crowid frowns.
Young Woman: Hey... who's that guy?
Young Woman points at Carygon Nijax with her railgun.
Carygon Nijax: Heya! I'm Carygon Nijax! Nice to meet ye'!
Carygon Nijax approaches to shake hands with the woman.
Young Woman opens fire.
Young Woman: Don't come any closer!
Carygon Nijax jumps away, as does everyone else, scared.
Young Woman: Huh? Oh, sorry! I tend to get nervous and shoot randomly!
Young Woman puts away her railgun and extends her hand to Carygon Nijax.
Young Woman: Hi! I'm JozzyBot!
Carygon Nijax cautiously shakes JozzyBot's hand.
Carygon Nijax: And that guy is...
Young Man: Oiler! My name is Oiler!
Carygon Nijax: and you all are...some sort of heroes' league?
JozzyBot: We? We are the Respectable People Council!
Crowid: RPC to make it short.
Oiler grins

Meanwhile, in the League of Amazing Super Heroes HQ...

Talk-a-tile: So... what do we know about this guy?
Cheating Shade grabs a sheet of paper.
Cheating Shade: Well.. his name is Carygon Nijax. He wanted to be Peter, but his dad named him that way.
Triskiona: "That way"? I thought he was Carygon Nijax.
Cheating Shade: I think your seek of power is not allowing you to think properly
Talk-a-tile looks at his companions, annoyed.
Talk-a-tile: Besides the fact that Carygon Nijax is his name, what do we know about him?
Cheating Shade scribbles something on the paper.
Cheating Shade: Well.. he lives in the "water tower" in Somerset Square.
Talk-a-tile: Did you believe him?
Cheating Shade: Well, at first, no... but you know how architects can make things look pretty odd.
Talk-a-tile scowls.
Talk-a-tile: Tris.
Triskiona is swinging her Fighting Club in an imaginary Combat!
Talk-a-tile: Tris!
Triskiona grins, continuing her imaginary fight.
Triskiona: HAH! And you thought you could defeat me!
Talk-a-tile slams his fist onto the table.
Talk-a-tile: TRISKIONA!
Trsikiona: Huh? Sorry... what is it?
Talk-a-tile: Did your spy get any useful information?
Triskiona: Lemme check.
Triskiona throws a sheet of paper at the floor. The paper slowly flits towards the floor.
Triskiona snatches the paper out of the air, and places it onto the floor.

Raccoon Girl races into the room, and starts eating the sheet of paper.
Cheating Shade: Seriously... Raccoons eat the food that people throw away, not the other garbage.
Raccoon Girl frowns.
Triskiona: So... what do you know?
Raccoon Girl: Well, the alien loves trash bins, he is skilled with a lead pipe...
Raccoon Girl scratches her head.
Raccoon Girl: And he hits really hard.
Talk-a-tile: Anything else?
Raccoon Girl: Yes! After fighting me -and almost getting a free ass-kicking-, he went to the Heroes' Guild.
Cheating Shade: He went there, or he found it while exploring the area?
Raccoon Girl: I'm fifty percent sure he went there.
Talk-a-tile glares at Raccoon Girl.
Talk-a-tile: What else?
Raccoon Girl: He went in, asked for some candy, and then filled out the application to become a hero.
Talk-a-tile slams his fist onto the table again.
Talk-a-tile: I knew it! He wants to destroy us from the inside!
Cheating Shade: Hey Talk, calm down, we don't know anything yet for sure... Remember that Sally once had a squirrel apply to be a super hero?
Raccoon Girl: Hey! I'm not a squirrel! I'm a raccoon!
Cheating Shade: The same thing...
Triskiona: Not really...
Triskiona: Raccoon: Kingdom: *Animalia Phylum: *Chordata Class: *Mammalia Order: *Carnivora Family: *Procyonidae Genus: *Procyon Species: *P. lotor
Triskiona: Squirrel: Kingdom: *Animalia Phylum: *Chordata Class: *Mammalia Order: *Rodentia Family: *Sciuridae
Triskiona: So, you see?
Cheating shade: Anyways... the point is, let's not get into a rush... he appeared just a few hours ago...
Talk-a-tile: You said the same thing about The Mick... and now look what's happened.
Talk-a-tile flips through a large stack of files.
Talk-a-tile: Where is he now?
Raccoon Girl: He's onboard the Crowidae, with Admiral Crowid.
Talk-a-tile: What?! He's with the RPC?!
Talk-a-tile: Great, now we'll lose track of him!
Triskiona: What do you mean?
Talk-a-tile: If any of us gets close to any of them, they'll know that something is wrong.
Triskiona: And we don't want that?
Talk-a-tile: Not yet... I want to see what he is planning...
Cheating Shade: So you want to wait until 'it's too late'?
Talk-a-tile: No... I want to get my hands on him with a real reason.
Cheating Shade: You know, I think you're just being paranoid.
Talk-a-tile: Maybe... but anyhow, we need to spy on those guys somehow...
Triskiona: But how? You said that they'll know that there's something wrong if one of us gets close.
Talk-a-tile: That's why I think we'll need the help of somebody else...
Cheating Shade: Huh?
Triskiona: Who are you talking about?
Talk-a-tile: We need somebody who would sell their own mother for money. Somebody whom nobody could trust, not even us...
Talk-a-tile: We need somebody crazy enough to chat with those freaks...
Cheating Shade: Please tell me you are not talking about...
Triskiona: Yes he is...
Talk-a-tile: Yes.
Talk-a-tile rises to his feet, and places his hands onto the table. He leans forwards.
Talk-a-tile: Bring me Valera.
Raccoon Girl interrupts the dramatic pause, emerging from another room with a sheet of paper.
Raccoon Girl: Uh... sorry, Talk, I don't think we can use Valera.
Talk-a-tile: Why not?!
Raccoon Girl backs away from Talk.

Raccoon Girl: Because she's locked in Shilo's... remember, you left her there...?
Talk-a-tile: Oh, yeah... well, we need somebody else...
Golaf jumps out of nowhere, lands on the table, scatters every file, and declares loudly-
Golaf: I'm a hat!
Triskiona: Stop it, Golaf... you are not a hat.
Golaf: Yes I'm a hat! I'm a hat! I'm a hat! I'm a hat!
Talk-a-tile looks at Triskiona and Cheating Shade.
Triskiona: ...
Cheating Shade: ...
Talk-a-tile: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Triskiona: Are you thinking about robots?
Cheating Shade: I don't think.
Talk-a-tile glares at Triskiona and Cheating Shade.
Talk-a-tile: Raccoon Girl, bring this guy with me... we have something to work on...
Talk-a-tile stalks out of the room.
Raccoon Girl cautiously extends her hand to Golaf.

Raccoon Girl: Please come with me.
Golaf: But I'm a hat! You have to wear me to take me someplace!
Raccoon Girl scowls, hoists the grown man over her head, and follows Talk-a-tile...

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I'm a hat!
Well, I've got a hat!

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I don't think.

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