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Carygon Nijax
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Joiner's Club and Furrier's Den

Post by Carygon Nijax »

I wsa wonderingf.. does anyone knows how does the raffle system works?
I mean.. is it really a raffle.. or is it straight way like, the one that buys more tickets wins?

if this has been replied before.. please send me a link..

thanks a lot anyway
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Re: Joiner's Club and Furrier's Den

Post by Ryme »

It's a raffle. your odds are tickets bought divided by total tickets sold. with a little fudging so you can't win more than one chair.

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Re: Joiner's Club and Furrier's Den

Post by Muhandes »

It's a raffle set so I never win the Oak Bench. I am allowed to all the rest without any problem.
The one time I got the bench it was the two days lost bug and it wasn't effective.

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