+XP and +%XP question!

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+XP and +%XP question!

Post by jonball »

If I wear an item that gives +XP and also an item that gives +%XP will the +%XP be applied to the +XP or just the base XP?

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Re: +XP and +%XP question!

Post by Cristiona »

I am assuming all such modifiers are applied to the base. Likewise for chip and item drops.
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Re: +XP and +%XP question!

Post by AldenteVonTino »

In other words, and this is a question and not a clarification, things do not 'stack'? I assumed they did?
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Re: +XP and +%XP question!

Post by blackmatter615 »

It would be simple to test. Put on all the +%xp equipment you have. Fight an enemy, note the xp gain. Put on all the +xp gear. Fight same enemy. Since there is no range on xp, if you get a difference larger than the +xp, then they stack. If the difference is simply the +xp, then they do not stack. More interesting is how Foe toughness and +%xp scale, i.e. does FT affect the base, or does it modify after the fact.

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Re: +XP and +%XP question!

Post by Citizen James »

Testing in splunking cave - gave variable results???

Trying at the guild:
Vogue Rogue gets 52 xp consistently.

+ foyal crown and verse of the dodo (+10): 62 xp (as xpected)
+ blue pill (+10%) 72 xp - unexpected result (unstacked result would be expected to be 52 + 10 + 5.2 = 67, unstacked result would be expected to be 52 + 10 = 62 + 6.2 = 68.

Perhaps there is a bug giving + 10 rather than + 10 percent for that effect.
Trying higher experience area: Shiloh Sanitarium.
Deranged mutant 150 (+20 from listed value). Yep, that looks like a minor bug. Unstacked would be +23, stacked would be +24.
Insane villain 142 (also +20 from listed value, rather than +22 or plus 23)

Adding elixir of experience (+10%):
Deranged mutant: 163 xp. unstacked would be 130 + 13 + 20 = 163, stacked would be 150 + 15 = 165.

Cross referencing

after letting blue pill run out - vogue rogue comes out to 68.

Ergo: effects do not stack. Percentage increases are based on (ahem) base experence.

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Re: +XP and +%XP question!

Post by Ryme »

Weird. I'll check blue pill.

Like any good order of operations, xp benefits should multiply and then add -- the percent modifier should be applied to the base first and then the additives.

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