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Strike-back damage, resistances, Fire shield

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:36 am
by Kurg
(sorry if this was already brought up in the past, I searched for it but didn't find anything)

I've noticed that, for some reason, my Elementalist's fire shield does normal damage to enemies immune to fire.
I wondered why, so I checked the wiki - it looks like all strikeback damage effects except the bowl shield do untyped damage.

That's weird - I think a spell called 'fire shield' should do fire damage and thus be affected by fire resistance(and some other strikeback effects should also have their damage type checked).

However, this would make Elementalists weaker. To avoid that, I've got another suggestion...
Change 'Fire Shield' to 'Elemental shield' - when you cast it, you can choose which damage type you get - basically, make it a bit like the gadgteers armour and weapon buffs.

Could also give more enemies elemental vulnerabilities and not just resistances - perhaps some robots might have a vulnerability to electricity damage(that's just an example).