Questions about Stats Inside...

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Questions about Stats Inside...

Postby AldenteVonTino » Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:18 pm

...And this is precisely why the forums exist, right? Well one of the reasons? Ok, a possible existence for a need to have a reason? At least an afterthought?
Ok, I doubt it's a problem so let me give a quiki-kwote to offer a backbone to my questions:

Twilight Heroes Wiki wrote:Strength is a measure of physical power. It primarily helps as a factor in dealing extra damage in combat, if you're attacking with a weapon.
Intellect represents smarts, focus, and your ability to observe the world around you. High intellect can increase the damage that most spells deal in combat, and also can affect whether you're surprised by opponents, or whether you surprise them.
Reflexes represent agility and reaction time. Reflexes play a part in determining how well you can dodge opponent attacks, and how well you can aim your own attacks.
All three of these abilities modify how your hero performs in combat, but for the most part they're secondary to level and skills in determining your success.

Does Strength play a part in how much can be carried in inventory?
Strength is a factor for damage: In melee or ranged or both?
Does Intellect play any part in computer/pda use?
Reflexes plays a part for aiming (in ranged weapons OR in melee OR both?) with regard to the underlined section?
If this quote I used is true, how can these stats be secondary? Yeah, I worry about HP or PP so far much more than stats, so am I missing something?

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Re: Questions about Stats Inside...

Postby Satan » Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:30 pm

Q1: No.
Q2: Only melee.
Q3: No.
Q4: Yes to both melee and ranged.
Q5: They're secondary to your level, meaning your level plays a larger part in all calculations than any of the stats. They're secondary to skills in that getting better skills for your character via leveling will help you more than gaining more stats.

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