How far can you level in 1 day?

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Postby MagiNinjA » Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:42 pm

Exo Suit for levels less than 9.

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Postby MagiNinjA » Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:37 am

Interesting stuff, CTID. Congrats and nice! And expensive. My prediction is that all these costs to pull off a similar stunt will be much lowered with more items and mechanics as the future comes.

I'll get down to the nitty-gritty now.

Tectonics wrote:How far could the casual player make it day to day? (who would maybe spend an hour on the first day (this is so new!) and 15-30 minutes from there out). How do you keep that person interested (rewarded by experiences in game, community, etc.)?

Personally, I make it to level 10 every day, but I usually just hit under the time cap. I believe 11 is possible on a day to day basis, but that is serious hardcore optimizing. Almost to the level of CTID's run. Or just lots and lots of SQUID discs. :)

Tectonics wrote:Who's the current player base? What would be our "average" player?

I don't think many of the average players talk much on these forums. Most of the people I've seen so far are very dedicated to TH.

Tectonics wrote:Personally... I loved the quests... especially the fact that each was different... plus you had to really pay attention to the quest text (rather than just clicking through it).

Oh yes, quite. And the fun stuff is that there is a world outside of quests as well. But that's just from my perspective (all IotMs, leaderboard competitive, etc), which is probably different than the average player's.

Tectonics wrote:Also, it was very engaging as a newbie at low levels because levelling ment you could spend more time fighting and less time using turns to rest.... plus each new piece of more powerful gear helped (can't wait to get the frisbee... can't wait to get the frisbee... this turn... dang.. next turn... dang.. come on frisbee...).

Hehe. Yeah.

Tectonics wrote:However, I found myself less and less interested after finishing the level 12 quest. Grinding doesn't interest me very much.

One Big parallel question is: Has the leveling issue really come to the forefront because the initial influxes have become wise in how TH works?

I think there are two issues at hand here. The alternative to grinding (whether that's levelling, spading or farming), is transmogging, which tends to take up alot of time. The other issue is really just a combination of leaderboard status (XP), and, well, nothing else to do in game (lack of newer content).

Tectonics wrote:We know how to maximize our time and xp.

I hit chat at all sorts of random times of the day. For the last few months, I feel like I've heard the same voices. Most of the "new" voices I've checked out have donation or maxed gear... so I'm guessing quite a few of them are multis and/or have the benefit of wiki-knowledge.

Do we need a wave of new blood? How could we excite people to join Twilight Heroes?

I arrived because when TH was announced in the KOL wiki, I had to check it out. So how else could we get more eyeballs?
(Which takes us back to topic ... .php?t=259 )

I can say that my response to this will suck compared to my other ones. We absolutely need new waves of players, no matter the timing. For now. My guess is that KoL's recent updates (aka Hobopolis) has drawn away some players temporarily. But yes. Need moar bloooood. Suck suck suck.

Thanks for bringing up what issues TH needs to address for now, Tec.

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