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Patreon Live

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2022 5:39 pm
by Kinak
Some of you have noticed that PayPal hasn't been automatically sending out silver stars for a while. After several tries at fixing that (and a couple items getting delayed because it seemed like it should be really easy to fix), I've had to take a step back from stressing about it. I'm sure we can get it working at some point, but I'd much rather be adding content to the game than fighting with PayPal.

I added a Patreon page for folks who'd like to donate without poking me to get stars each time. Otherwise, PayPal is absolutely still appreciated, just let me know to get you your stars.

Patreon does have another advantage for folks who play seasonally, because there's a tier for folks who want to get every IotM as it's released. That's been requested several times, so I think that'll be nice. I'll poll over there occasionally to see what people think I should work on next too. There's also a tier for a gold star a month too, but let me know if I missed something obvious.

Anyway, huge thank you to the game's supporters regardless of how you support us or where you donate. It's been a rough year for me, but you've all been awesome and I'm looking forward to whipping up some more Twilighty goodness.