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Talk about the game. What game? The game with the power? What power? The power of ... aw, skip it.

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What should be done with the Homepage Graphic?

Coffee cup + Mask = Win
No votes
Nothing, you hater! It looks fine.
Don't insert a mask, but a "justice" touch would be nice.
Total votes: 10

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Post by MagiNinjA »

Personally...I don't know about the mask. Not all heroes wear masks. A mask implies some kind of weakness of revealing yourself. At least to me. And it really depends on the mask itself, so I guess my point has been invalidated by me. (PASSIVE MAN!)

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Post by cromulentia »

spoon! its from the tick! i have been trying to remember where i've heard that before, i just couldn't come up with it. man, i freaking love that show.

as far as the logo goes, i'm rather fond of it. i think the coffee cup, somehow, makes the logo not so serious, but also doesn't make the game seem like all it consists of is bad jokes. i hope that makes some sort of sense...

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Post by TheK3vin »

I really like the homepage, personally I feel like it gives the game it's feel. I think a mask doesn't fit the game. I mean yah, you're a superhero, but not on on comic book superhero. Not a tight-wearing, mask-wearing hero. Just any anonymous guy who got pissed and happened to be endowed with superpowers.

Ugh, don't make me explain it any more. I'm tired.

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