[SUGGESTION]: AH upgrade and autoselling Itoms

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Re: [SUGGESTION]: AH upgrade and autoselling Itoms

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It's possible the AH should be restructured. It worked pretty well during the initial buzz, but it's possible things need to be tweaked now that people aren't checking it very often.

I'm always going to be leery about handing out stars, though. Each star basically represents a slice of time I'm able to spend developing the game (and handling bugs and responding to forum posts and whatever) rather than scrounging up money some other way. So returning an item plays out as "I didn't like this item and would like to exchange it for you working an hour on a freelance project next month."

In theory, the increased volume of donations should offset that. But that's a serious bet and one that I hope it's reasonable I'm pretty risk averse on.


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