[SUGGESTION]: AH upgrade and autoselling Itoms

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[SUGGESTION]: AH upgrade and autoselling Itoms

Postby pseudoname » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:47 am

looking at the store an trying to sell an itom, we don't currently seem to have the playerbase for the auction house to be successful in it's current form. I suggest two changes(not as option 1 or 2, but suggesting that you implement both):

one is to add the option of listing contact information, that way people can pm the seller with trade offers if they don't have liquid stars. (just put a ticbox next to the existing radio buttons.)

the other is to let us autosell itoms(to prevent doing so by accident it'd be a different section than the regular autosell and it would have a confirmation popup). this would work differently depending on if the item is still listed in the woc:
-return period:
when the itom is still in stock(I'm suggesting a full one month grace period for itoms, a year for a talisman. but if you don't want to since this could be seen as cutting into this game's sale, my initial suggestion was to make it a week after purchase... but this sounds harder to code since you would now have to track when people spend stars which is why it's not my main suggestion) you can return it to the woc for a full refund(well, in universe. irl it's an exchange for store credit. you can't turn stars back into $, it just lets you turn itoms bak into stars).
(I feel like people would be more free with their spending if 'buyer's regret' wasn't a thing since the wiki doesn't clearly tell you what it does so the spaders can have their fun).
-the pawnshop:
the itom would autosell for 90-60% of it's original purchase price in stars(a fixed value, I'm just leaving the exact number up to you) and that copy would be be permanently posted to the auction house for double it's original purchase price in stars(just the one copy I mean, once it's sold it's no longer listed in the auction house, just like when players sell items(well I say one copy, but it'd be better if all the pawned itoms are compressed into one list item with a limited count, but again that's just extra coding so probably not)).
(to clarify this is not a replacement for selling normally, the auction house as it is would still be there. it's just that if the item doesn't move you can sell to the auction house itself)
(or you could make it still autosell for 100% it's original value and not list in the ah, or you can make it autosell for 100% it's original value and still list it for 200% in the ah. I'm not gonna tell you how to do your game;)

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Re: [SUGGESTION]: AH upgrade and autoselling Itoms

Postby Kinak » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:02 am

It's possible the AH should be restructured. It worked pretty well during the initial buzz, but it's possible things need to be tweaked now that people aren't checking it very often.

I'm always going to be leery about handing out stars, though. Each star basically represents a slice of time I'm able to spend developing the game (and handling bugs and responding to forum posts and whatever) rather than scrounging up money some other way. So returning an item plays out as "I didn't like this item and would like to exchange it for you working an hour on a freelance project next month."

In theory, the increased volume of donations should offset that. But that's a serious bet and one that I hope it's reasonable I'm pretty risk averse on.


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