October 2015 Crafting Contest

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October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby Kinak » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:17 pm

What do we want? More crafting items! When do we want them? October 12th!

Update: This contest is now closed. Check the podcast thread to find out about the winners.

Is there some combination of items you always thought should combine? Is the game missing some obvious reference I'll never get? Is there glory and treasure to be found in leaving a mark on the game?

Back by popular demand, it's time for a crafting contest!

How Do I Enter?
Make up to three items. All three should be crafted from (or to) existing items.

Each item should use a different type of crafting (assembly, welding, metalmorph, and catalyzing).

Each should have a name and a description. Definitely list the item(s) it's crafted from. Feel free to suggest bonuses, but don't worry about the numerical values.

For Example:
welding spinel ion stone + soft shoes
spinel tap shoes
Most shoes can comfortably fit ten toes, but these go up to eleven.
sonic damage, initiative

Where do I enter?
This thread! If you don't have a forum account, register one then message me (Kinak) in-game so I can activate it.

When do I enter?
Now's good! I'll copy everything out of the thread sometime on the 12th, so feel free to update your post until then.

I'll announce the winners on the following podcast and send out prizes around then.


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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby Isladar » Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:55 am

Welding Coil of Rope + Big Left Hook
Improvised Grapnel
Not as sleek as the ones used by ninjas, cat burglars, or spies, this makeshift grappling hook will still help you climb vertical surfaces that don’t have any handholds. Which you had probably already figured out, so why are you still here?

Assembling Mister Ick-er sticker + Fish whiskas
Mista Whiska Sticka
Mista Whiska the psychic kitty is a popular children’s television star. He is also so hideously ugly that just looking at a picture of him is enough to make someone want to clean their mind out with industrial disinfectants.

Catalyzing High pressure bottle
High Pressure Bomb
This used to be a simple spray bottle of the same type used to annoy cats and amuse small children everywhere. This bottle has had sharp bits of metal hot-glued all over its surface, and it’s been filled with a highly volatile liquid. It would probably be a good idea to keep it away from cats and children now, though.

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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby aaron » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:26 pm

assembling PDA + Rolled-up newspaper
classifieds (miscellaneous usable)
You put the number for a classified advertisement in your PDA. Do you push the send button? Do ya?
Unlocks at least one new adventure

pogo-stick (preexistent item)
welding titanium plate + titanium pipe
welding text: You scrap together the bits and pieces, most especially a spring, to make a decent pogo-stick.

catalyze business card
work schedule
You have everything set for the day so you should be able to work through your routine faster as long as you get home in time.
+ turns for the next day if last location was really close to home, introduces concept of homelessness to the game
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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby acidcat » Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:27 am

Assemble - Steamwork core and precoffee - hipster coffee
Hipsters love attaching steam and clockwork to everything. It actually makes sense when you do it to coffee beans
Caffeine and possible new special effect for 30 minutes?

Welding - Prince prints and karma charm - Prince charming
Some day your prince will come. Until then life is no fairy tale but you do seem to be surrounded frequently by villains
Increase villain encounter chance

Metalmorph/catalyse - robocap to robocup (Pants)
Made out of tough metal armor, these pants may not be terribly comfortable but they certainly protect and serve your groin
+defence and damage reduction, -to hit

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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby Staunch » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:24 am

Welding - lover's locket + magic truck vehicle
Mellow Submarine

All you need is love to power this submarine. You can take it out for a spin, or go on a magical mystery tour. Sgt. Pepper was rumored to have used one to steal diamonds from Lucy when he was sixty-four. Eleanor Rigby lived in one of these yesterday, but she was known to be one of the lonely people, a real nowhere woman.

Grants wearer the ability to breathe under water.
+X damage against blue meanies.

Assembling Verse of the dodo + Elijah bot

This perky cheerleader never stops. Seriously, you are beginning to wonder if letting your sidekick learn this skill was a good idea. While having someone cheer for you constantly is good for morale, it can be distracting. At least the loud cheering occasionally hurts the ears of your enemies…

Grants your sidekick a new skill

Increased Foe Toughness
+X Sonic Damage

Assembling physiology scan code + physiology scan code
Auto Doc

This software constantly archives information from websites such as WebMD. It is designed to keep you healthy and fit, even if it has you convinced there is nothing on the planet you can eat or do without it causing cancer.

Effect: +X HP and + X PP per turn.
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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby penguinpyro » Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:42 pm

Name:Ion the prize
Welding: Ion + Eye podule
Stats:~+5% chips, +5% items

Someone's glued an electronic iris to a white globe of ionic matter. Now it's an unconvincing fake eyeball. It never blinks, it never moves, it will never cry "out, foul jelly"! Still, there's something to be said for it's unflinching stare, as if it's completely, utterly focused on a goal. There's probably an expression for this kind of attitude, but I can't stop... staring... at it...

Name: A Mangled and Dusty Phaser
Assembly: Taser + Hedge Slammer
Combination Message: You take the taser out into the ack balley and go all Wrath of Khan on it. In your enthusiasm, you leave your slammer behind when you're done, and when you go back later it's not there. Also there appears to be a fine dayer of lust- layer of dust on your mangled phaser, as if it's a collector's item.
Description: Once a futuristic particle weapon, some maniac has nearly destroyed this stun device and left the remains to collect dust. You're really not sure where the handle is, or where the trigger is, and there's only the slightest trace of a settings dial. Hopefully it's not ket to sill.

Combat usable
Use message: You can't quite remember whether it's the short end or the long end of the phaser that shoots at the bad guy. Not wanting to risk zapping yourself, you set it to loveroad... I mean overload, and give it a throod go, I mean a good throw. With its mangled shape, it bawkwardly ounces along before unexpectedly bursting in a cloud of dust, really fazing your opponent.
Effect: -5 hit, -5 dodge, deals 5-10 electric damage + 5-10 physical damage to opponent

Name: Point Defense
Metalmorphing spiked gloves

Offhand item
Stats: 10 base power, 4 physical strikeback damage, +4 melee damage, +4 dodge, 1 physical self-damage
Requirement: Level 7

Point defense can be used to prevent people from scoring in a game. Or affirming an aspect of an argument. Securing a small specific sector. Protecting your periods in a paragraph. Designating a definite direction. Mostly it just stabs your hands. Sometimes other people's hands. Isn't that, after all, the point?

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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby xKiv » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:55 am

Name:Ion Flask
Assembly: Ion + Space Mead
Combination Message: You carefully ionize the mead. Just a little.

Yo! Can't get ion flask! There are regulations!

Use message: The ionized mead tingles a little as it goes down.
You gain an effect: Spaced (added for 90 minutes)
You gain an effect: With a chance of ions (added for 90 minutes)

Name: Noxious Nastiness
Catalyze: foul fowl
Combat usable

You don't want to know how this looks. Or smells. Or any other senses. Whatever it used to be, couldn't be as nasty as this.

Use message: You release the ... no. Ewww! When you come to your senses, you know you should be glad you don't remember what happened ... but you don't remember it, so you can't properly appreciate not remembering it.
It looks like your foe has not been as lucky, though.
Effect: causes both PC and foe to fumble (even with self-balancing weapon upgrade)

Name: Karmic Balance
Weld: Karma charm + mysterious glowing green marble
+damage%, +damage taken%?

This charm looks like it's about to lose its marbles.

Special effect, triggers on a fumble: causes the next round attack (both PC and foe) to be a critical; then destroys itself (leaving the equipment slot empty)
- A mysterious force decides that it is time to enforce karmic balance. The entire world comes into a sharp focus, and, for a very short while, no chance can be missed. Then the mysterious force decides that it overcompensated, and counter-compensates by burning something to dust. Goodbye, karmic balance! You were a pain to maintain, anyway.

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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby Sanjuro » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:31 pm

I love these contests! :D I get to unleash my worst puns and most obscure references! :mrgreen:

robotics kit + xentrium ingot= Beady-eyed robot (companion)
The time-warping nature of xentrium seems to have resulted in a robot design from hundreds of years in the future. While its eyes aren't particularly small, it keeps repeating "Beady-beady-beady" in a strangely familiar voice.

"Beady-beady-beady. Right on, <playername>!" (+XP per turn?)

nicknack + backpack = doggie scone (sugar)
When assembled- You put the nicknack in the back-a-pack and pull out a doggie scone. Wait, what?
Description- Is this a scone made for doggies, or a regular scone that was supposed to be shaped like a doggie? Well, only one way to find out, I guess.
When consumed- You ponder the result of putting a nicknack in a back-a-pack and eat the doggie scone. You feel a strange compulsion to return to your hideout.
(EDIT- Maybe gives a buff that improves resting?)

Catalyze foul fowl = Fragrant fowl (combat item)
When used- As you wind up to throw the item, your opponent knocks you down. A nearby referee blows his whistle and penalizes your opponent by giving you two free throws. (stuns opponent for two rounds) (EDIT- that foul fowl is worth two free throws)
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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby Patojonas » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:41 pm

Got this idea after watching this video, sorry for being so verbose :? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LplSnXQMf38

super-advanced weapon + chain links = hookshot

Assembly message=You enable the maintenance mode on your super-advanced weapon and drop the chain links next to it on your workbench. The weapon's small menu screen blinks and you can read "Compatible component detected. Would you like to reassemble?". You click yes and watch as the weapon transforms, assimilating the chain links. When it is done the screen flashes with the text "Project codename LINK activated." and turns off. You wonder if this one would make Pete proud.

Description = This is a very odd yet useful contraption. Basically if shoots a "hook" that can hold on to an object and through the chain that links it to the main body can either bring it to you or you to it, depending on what weighs more. To prevent the push and pull forces from tearing your arm off it emits an energy field around you that somehow prevents you from being maimed every time you use it.
As a side effect, the field seems to mess with your mind causing you to remember certain past memories, a sort of "link to the past" effect. Oddly enough, it's always the same three memories: when you prevailed over Anon G in an internet flame war, when back at Twilight High the prettiest girl back then, nicknamed the Twilight Princess, thanked you for picking something she dropped and that one time in fencing class when master Fi showed you his heirloom sword. Weird huh?

-X time (due to memory reminiscence)
super jumps
+X item drops
+X% stun chance?

throwing pen+throwing axe set=pen axe set

Description: People often claim that the pen is mightier than the sword, but what about an axe? To figure this out one crazy inventor made this thing. On one end it's an axe, on the other, a pen. Which end is the mightiest? You find out!


+initiative (foe is puzzled looking at this thing lol)
+ to-hit (both ends do damage as opposed to just one lol)


Katana => Demonslayer

This used to be a top grade Japanese katana, but not a common one, one made of a special steel, polysteel. Having endured the tempering of an elemental hero, it reached the level of the noble blades of legend. Such blades are always involved in the slaying of some great evil so this shouldn't be any different. You'll have to find one such evil and defeat it with this to see if it lives up to its name though.


+?% damage to demons (fake effect lol)
+the usual strength/hp bonus from paladinum items?

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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby The Leopard » Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:50 pm

companion cube
weld: Schrodenger's Box + heart of ice
Remember that the companion cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak. It may stab your enemies though.

(Sidekick: attacks foes, minus foe toughness)

Sophocle's bifocles
weld: Sophocle's monocle + Sophocle's monocle
This is actually an invention from the Daylight Saver with the hopes he could see into different times, but they just gave him a splitting headache.

(Accessory: Allows soul gazing, +to hit)

(Sorry if I submitted this one to a previous contest.)

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Re: October 2015 Crafting Contest

Postby Kinak » Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:27 am

Thanks for all the great entries! I'll be going over them and announcing the winners on the next podcast.


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