Hunks of Scrap Metal - yay!

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Hunks of Scrap Metal - yay!

Post by Lxndr »

So, I know it really only affects us oldbies.

But since the Recyclonizer has been locked out of any limited-item runs since Retcon was initiated (there was talk about revisiting it and treating it more like the digitizer at some point) - I mentioned to Kinak that it would be nice if we Recyclers could at least get our (otherwise useless) hunks of scrap metal, so we could at least enjoy our aftercore.

Kinak agreed with my assessment - so now, even though we won't get to use our Recyclonizers, we'll still be able to pick up our daily allotment of scrap metal each day.

Thought the rest of you oldbies would appreciate this knowledge.

And thank you very much, Kinak!
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Re: Hunks of Scrap Metal - yay!

Post by Kinak »

Lxndr wrote:And thank you very much, Kinak!
You're welcome :)


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