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PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:21 am 
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This is a fictional story containing many things from Twilight Heroes, like certain heroes' names, as well as villains'... and... etc... xD
I don't own Twilight Heroes, Ryme does, please don't sue me or any of my collaborators.
I don't own the airship picture, either. Please don't sue me!
This story is loosely based upon an ongoing roleplay in the TH chat.
This story is also a parody, so OOC characters are supposed to be that way.
Some characters approved the use of ther actual username (Hero name), and some haven't, 'cause I didn't ask them XD

Twilight Heroes: Amazing Tales

Previously on THAT:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Carygon Nijax was taken to a City Tour by Crowid
The Crowidae crashes Out in the Desert, and Crowus brachyrhynchos is convinced it was Carygon Nijax's fault
The League of Amazing Super Heroes gathers info about Carygon Nijax
Golaf thinks he's a Hat
Talk-a-tile is plotting something

Chapter 4: A lil' bit of Story

Aboard the giant helicopter, a quartet of heroes are sitting in the cockpit.
JozzyBot sits in the pilot's seat.
Oiler sits to her right, in the co-pilot's seat.
Carygon Nijax is sitting in a passenger's seat behind the duo.
Crowid sits in a passenger's seat, as well.
Crowus brachyrhynchos got shooed into the storage room, and won't be permitted back until he takes a shower.

Carygon Nijax : Hey Jozz... nice ride.
JozzyBot: oh, thanks!
Carygon Nijax : Does this babe have a name?
JozzyBot: O'course! This is the...
JozzyBot grabs something from a box between her and Oiler's seats.
JozzyBot points at Carygon Nijax with the nail gun and shoots.

Carygon Nijax dodges the nail... which ends up half embedded in the wall behind him.
Carygon Nijax: Hey!
JozzyBot: Sorry, it's just that I can't fully trust you yet!
Carygon Nijax: OK.
Carygon Nijax scratches his head.
Oiler taps JozzyBot's shoulder.
Oiler: Could you at least tell him the name of this 'copter?
JozzyBot: Oh! Yeah! This is the Antimass!
Carygon Nijax: Wow. Nice name!
Oiler: Yeah, it's named that because it works by...
JozzyBot pokes Oiler, and covers her mouth.
Oiler frowns.

Oiler: Oh, sorry... nothing...
Carygon Nijax glares at Oiler and JozzyBot.
Crowid: So.. where do we go now?
JozzyBot: Dunno... C-gon, is there something you wanna do?
Carygon Nijax: Huh? Why me?
JozzyBot: 'cause you're the new one in town... I bet you came here for a reason.
Carygon Nijax nods.
Carygon Nijax: Well, now... I'd like to know how you all became super heroes... and... learn more about this city...
JozzyBot: You'd like a city tour?
Carygon Nijax shakes his head.
Carygon Nijax: No thanks!
Oiler: Then you want us to tell you Twilight's story, right?
Carygon Nijax: That would be great!
Oiler: Then let's head to the RPC's HQ!
JozzyBot: Right! Heading to JitterSpout Coffee!
Crowid: Stop calling our HQ that way!
Crowid glares at JozzyBot.
JozzyBot shrugs.
JozzyBot: But it was JitterSpout Coffee before it became our HQ.
Carygon Nijax grins.
JozzyBot fiddles with her pilot's console, causing the Antimass to head southeast towards University Heights.

Meanwhile, in the League of Amazing Super Heroes Gym, Talk-a-tile and Raccoon Girl try to train Golaf...
Talk-a-tile: Okay, Golaf... listen carefully.
Golaf: I can't listen! I'm a hat! Hats don't have ears!
Talk-a-tile sighs.
Talk-a-tile: Let's suppose you are a hat with ears... now... listen to me.
Golaf: Even if I'm a hat with ears, someone has to wear me so I can listen!
Talk-a-tile sighs again, and looks at Raccoon Girl.
Raccoon Girl sighs, too, and hoists Golaf over her head.

Golaf: Now I'm listening!
Talk-a-tile: Okay.. we need you to get close to the RPC and-
Golaf: Wait! You want ME to get close to those FREAKS?!
Raccoon Girl smirks and whisphers, "Those freaks."
Golaf glares at Raccoon Girl.
Golaf: What's wrong with you?
Raccoon Girl : oh, it's just that you saying 'those freaks' makes me laugh.
Golaf kicks Raccoon Girl.
Talk-a-tile: Hey! Listen! I need you to spy those freaks!
Golaf: Spy? Like 006?
Raccoon Girl : You mean 007.
Golaf: No, I mean 006... because I'm better than 007.
Raccoon Girl stares at Golaf.
Talk-a-tile glares at the duo.
Talk-a-tile: Yes... like that guy... but the most important thing is that the RPC doesn't need to find out about this mission!
Golaf: Oh, a secret mission!
Talk-a-tile smiles.
Talk-a-tile: Exactly!
Golaf: And.. what do I get as payment for doing that?
Talk-a-tile: Well... you... might get a membership to the LASH!
Golaf: Um... not interested.
Talk-a-tile: Chips?
Golaf: Nah.
Talk-a-tile thinks...
Raccoon Girl approaches Talk, still carrying Golaf, and whispers something in Talk's ear.
Talk-a-tile scribbles something onto a small piece of paper.

Talk-a-tile: What you think about this?
Talk-a-tile shows Golaf the piece of paper.
Talk-a-tile wrote:

Hat's Certificate

The holder of this Certificate is recognized officially as a



Golaf reads the piece of paper.
Golaf: Now we have a deal!
Talk-a-tile smiles...

Later, in University Heights airspace...
Crowid: OK, but why are you shouting?
JozzyBot: Eh... somehow, I thought you couldn't hear me.
Crowid raises an eyebrow.
JozzyBot glares at Crowid.
JozzyBot lands the Antimass next to JitterSpout Coffee, and cloaks the giant 'copter.
Crowus brachyrhynchos bounds out the changing room, fully dressed, and manages to exit the vehicle first.
Crowus brachyrhynchos enters the coffeeshop, and sits down at a four-seat square table.
Crowus brachyrhynchos stands back up, and moves to a rectangular table that seats six.
Carygon Nijax follows, as does everyone else. They all sit around the rectangular table.

Oiler: So... here we are... whaddya wanna know about Twilight, C-Gon?
Carygon Nijax looks at everybody.
Carygon Nijax: Mainly, why there are so many 'heroes' in this place.
Crowid glances at everyone else. He nods.
Crowid: It all started so many years ago...
Oiler: With the Twilight Meteor Shower.
JozzyBot: Hundreds of meteors fell from the sky, landing in this city.
Crowid: Curious, many of us citizens of Twilight apporoached one of the meteors.
Oiler: Once we got close to one, we felt a lot of energy coming from it.
JozzyBot: Yeah... and some of us were carrying an item, so we somehow ended up placing said item on our meteor.
Oiler: But when we held one of those items afterwards, we felt almighty!
Crowid: A lot of power... invaded us... we felt like super heroes!
Carygon Nijax interrupts the excited trio.
Carygon Nijax: So.. you all got super powers from a meteor?
JozzyBot: Yep... but, not all of us became super heroes...
Oiler: Some people decided to use this new strength for their own benefit...
Crowid: Though many of us took the hero's way...
Carygon Nijax: So... this was a peaceful town before the meteor shower?
Crowid: Sort of... crime existed... but police kept it down.
Oiler: But after the meteor shower...
JozzyBot: Panic took hold of the city, that's why some of us, the super heroes...
Oiler: We decided to protect those without super powers.
Crowid: We managed to do so quite well... there was even a point when we all thought about retiring...
JozzyBot: But then somebody appeared...
Oiler: Somebody smart enough to organize the villains...
Crowid: And put them back on the streets.
Carygon Nijax listens intently. The trio of storytelling heroes pause, taking a breath.
Carygon Nijax frowns. Simultaneously, they say... "The Mick."

Oiler: This guy left the streets full of fiends and other foes.
Crowid: And this time they were winning...
JozzyBot: We all had to organize, create some sort of leadership.
Oiler: That's why the Heroes' Guild was founded.
Crowid: After that... sub leagues and councils were created due to the high number of heroes in this city...
Carygon Nijax: And then, after getting organized, crime went down... right?
Oiler: Not exactly.
JozzyBot: We stopped several attacks they've made on the city, but...
Crowid: The city is not safe at all...
Carygon Nijax leans forwards.
Carygon Nijax: Now tell me... what kind of powers did those meteors give you?
JozzyBot: Well, there are four classes of heroes in Twilight.
Oiler: Gadgeteers, Naturalists, Psions and Elementals.
JozzyBot: Gadgeteers are creators of all manner of gizmos and gadgets, Naturalists can channel all manner of animals...
Oiler: Psions have psychic and telekinetic powers, and Elementals wield the four classical elements.
Crowid shakes his head.
Crowid: You forgot one class.
Carygon Nijax looks at Crowid, interested.
Crowid: The Distorters.
Carygon Nijax: Distorters?
Oiler jumps to his feet, angry.
Oiler: That's not true!
JozzyBot remains seated. She speaks quietly, initially.
JozzyBot: We aren't even sure if those exist...
Carygon Nijax: Why not?
JozzyBot: There are rumors of some people who were directly hit by the largest meteors-
Crowid: Two people! Only two!
Oiler: Rumours! Nonsense!
Crowid: There are two heroes who can distort reality!
Carygon Nijax: How is that-
Crowid: Nobody has spoken to either directly, but many people have seen them!
Oiler: Ignorants!
Crowid: They are the Rhyme and the Random Word Generator!
JozzyBot scowls.
JozzyBot: Just myths; don't listen to Crowid, C-Gon.

Soon, the waitress interrupts the silence, approaching the heroes and taking their orders.
The Waitress: What would you all like to drink tonight?
Crowid: I'll have a fancy latte, please!
Oiler: Same here.
JozzyBot: Me too.
The Waitress turns to Carygon Nijax.
The Waitress: And you, mister?
Carygon Nijax looks at the menu blankly.
Carygon Nijax: Just... eh... bring me a Coke.
Oiler grins.
Oiler: Would you like some mentos with that?
Crowus brachyrhynchos laughs, as does everyone else, except for Carygon Nijax.
Carygon Nijax is confused.

Carygon Nijax: Yeah... I think so...
JozzyBot glares at Carygon Nijax.
JozzyBot: So... you DO want some mentos with your Coke?
Carygon Nijax: Yeah.. I think-
JozzyBot draws her railgun, stands up, and aims at Carygon Nijax.
The Waitress flees, alarmed by the weapon and obvious threat.
JozzyBot starts yelling at Carygon Nijax.

JozzyBot: I knew there was something wrong about you!
Carygon Nijax replies, scared.
Carygon Nijax: What did I do?!
JozzyBot: Nobody sane from this world would ask for a Coke and Mentos together!
Carygon Nijax: That proves nothing!
JozzyBot: Yes it does! You're far too sane to be insane... so you're not from this world!
Carygon Nijax: Wha-?!
Carygon Nijax is hit by a shot from JozzyBot's railgun, which somehow immobilizes him.
JozzyBot grabs some duct tape from Crowid's belt, and ties, or rather, tapes C-Gon up.

Crowid: I knew there was no water tower in Somerset Square...
Oiler: So, what do we do with him now?
Crowid: Let's take him to Susan... she'll know what to do...
Oiler: And she might tell us if he's an alien as JB says... or if he's just an ignorant...


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You know, hypothetically... You COULD just use one thread for all of these...

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maybe.. but in that way I wouldn't be able to reach the top ten of posters...

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That wouldn't change that at all. It's not for posting new threads.

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no it isn't.. but new threads also help!

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Wait, I have a complaint. I'm not so dumb as to think 006 is better than 007. Because 6 is smaller, and therefore, obviously inferior.
008 is better.

PS, 006 is Trevelyan, from Goldeneye.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:22 pm 
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well I might edit following Olaf's indication.. but... eh.. I'm feeling lazzy right now..

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the best thing here... is.. Olaf's Avatar!!!! xD :lol: :lol:

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I just have to say, after reading it again, it's an eerily accurate portrayal of me.

Well, I've got a hat!

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